Messages pinned to Discord

The crucial messages of a show are highlighted by pinning.

On the computer, locate them using the pushpin icon in the top right-hand corner;

on smartphones, they are located under the three small dots.

This feature provides easy access to essential content that might otherwise get lost in the midst of the many daily discussions.

Where to find pinned messages :

On PC :

Click on the thumbtack in the top right-hand corner as shown in the image below.

pinned message on PC
Screen discord with thumbtack for pinned messages

On your cell phone :

Go to the channel you want to check:

pinned message on phone

Then swipe to the right. Touch your screen in the middle and shift your fingers to the left, you'll get this:

pinned message on phone

Now click on the pin with the words: Message pinned.

If this tutorial is useful, please put a comment (and tag me on discord if you put one to receive a small gift for the giveaway 🙂 )


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