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Albums offer a wealth of rewards, including dice, which can help you progress quickly through the game.

Albums are a very important part of the game if you want to progress correctly on Monopoly GO. In this article, you'll learn all about albums, but don't forget that specializes in Monopoly GO, so get all the information you need about the game. next Golden Blitz Monopoly GO and the boost Prise d'Argent Monopoly GO.

What is the album on Monopoly GO?

Perhaps you're new to the game and wondering what the album on Monopoly GO is all about? Well, I'm going to explain it all to you from A to Z, so you'll have all the information you need!

The album is a Monopoly GO feature where the aim is to collect different cards/stickers to earn different rewards. You can earn dice, money and new counters, for example. Your album consists of several pages (these pages are often referred to as sets) and you must complete an entire page in order to obtain the rewards associated with the set.

First, to access your Monopoly GO album, click on "Album" in the bottom right-hand corner:

Illustration Monopoly GO Album section

Here's a simple example to help you understand the initial information I've just given you above:

Illustration Monopoly GO album page

Take a good look at the picture, and try to understand what I said just above... Right? So, this is set 11 (or page 11, whichever you prefer). The rewards to be earned when I have all the cards in this set (all 9 cards) will be 750 dice as well as 46.8 G (the amount of money changes depending on your level in the game). So, for me to get these rewards, I need to get all the cards!

The album changes several times a yearBut there's plenty of time to complete your album before the end of each one. The duration is displayed in the "Album" section for each new Monopoly GO album. For example, in the image below, the album ends in 30 days, and if I complete the album (and get 234/234 cards, I get 30,000 free Monopoly GO dice and money).

Illustration Monopoly GO Grand Prix Album

In a nutshell, the aim of the albums is to collect different cards to complete your various pages and obtain numerous rewards, including a grand prize when you get all the cards in the album!

Illustration Monopoly GO Rules album

How do I get the second album on Monopoly GO?

What do you mean by that? A second album after the first ? And yes, even a third album ! Don't worry, it's not complicated to understand! 🙂

You can complete the album once, i.e. get all the cards (e.g. 189 cards to finish the first album, i.e. 21 pages). And once you've completed this first album, you'll be able to start it twice more, with extra pages (for example, you'll have 26 pages, whereas you had 21 in the first). And for this second and third album, you'll earn even bigger rewards!

Here's a concrete example to help you understand:

The "Fais de la Musique" album has just started, and lasts 84 days in total. So you'll be able to complete the entire album 3 times for increasingly higher rewards :

  • the first albumwhich comprises 21 pages and 189 cards. The final reward is 10,000 dice, a pawn and money;
  • the second albumwhich comprises 26 pages and 234 cards. The final reward is 20,000 dice, a golden pawn and cash;
  • the third albumidentical to the second (i.e. all 26 pages identical to the second). The final reward will be 30,000 dice, plus cash.

So you can make the same album three times, with extra sets for the second and third. For example, here are the extra pages:

Illustration Monopoly GO second album

As you can see, I've added 6 pages that I didn't have on the first album.

After the three albums have been fully completed, you can redo the album again and again, but no higher rewards.

Do I keep my duplicates when I change albums on Monopoly GO?

That's a good question! And I'll give you the answer. Nope, you don't keep duplicate cards when you move on to the second and third albums. In other words, when you move on to the second album, you start from scratch (with zero cards). However, you keep your stars, so your duplicates aren't completely lost, since you keep their value! Let me explain right away what Monopoly GO stars are.

Stars on Monopoly GO: exchange, star safe, conservation

Many players have questions about the stars on Monopoly GO. Let me explain the stars and the principle.

The stars are value of your cards. For example, a 5-star card = 5 stars, plain and simple.

Monopoly GO illustration Non-golden card value

For example, the "Glass Harmonica" card above counts as 5 stars.

Golden cards earn double the number of stars!

Monopoly GO illustration Gold card value

The above "Prix Olé" card counts as 10 stars !

You can find your star total by clicking on the box in the bottom right-hand corner of the "Album" section:

Illustration Monopoly GO Star Chest

Then you can see the total number of stars you own. What's more, in this section you can exchange your stars for chests.

Illustration of Monopoly GO star chests

A word of advice: exchange only the golden box (at 800 stars). Always take the highest trunk, as it's the most profitable. In addition, wait a Sticker Boom to open your safe, so you can get more cards!

When you move on to the second album, you lose your doubles, but you keep your stars. ! This is very useful for accumulating as many stars as possible. Of course, you keep the stars when you move on from the second to the third album. However, when you reach the end of the album (i.e. after the time remaining), all the cards and pages will change to make way for a brand-new album, your stars are reset to zero. If you have any stars left, Monopoly will convert them at the start of the next album (either convert them into 1 chest depending on your star count, or convert your stars into dice).

This is the number of dice received at the end of the album according to your remaining stars :

  • 1 star left = 50 dice
  • 50 remaining stars = 100 dice
  • 100 remaining stars = 200 dice
  • 200 remaining stars = 300 dice
  • 300 remaining stars = 400 dice
  • 400 remaining stars = 500 dice
  • 500 stars remaining = 600 dice
  • 600 stars remaining = 700 dice
  • 700+ stars remaining = 750 dice

Above 750 stars, you won't earn any extra dice. In other words, you can convert a maximum of 750 dice.

How do I swap cards on Monopoly GO?

You can exchange duplicate cards in order to quickly complete your albums. To do this, I explain here how theMonopoly GO card exchange.

We've created a Discord server to exchange cards on Monopoly GO, so you can complete your albums faster and get more dice:

☑️Échange your cards at Discord☑️

You have 5 swaps a day, so swap the cards that allow you to close certain sets to win dice and avoid getting stuck!

See also..: is the expert on the game Monopoly GO, and as passionate experts on the game, we're here to share with you our infallible tips and methods that have enabled us to have accounts with over 400,000 dice and how to advance very quickly in the game. We've helped hundreds of thousands of players with our articles, Youtube videos and Discord/Facebook support - now it's your turn!

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  1. Hello and thank you Éméline for the information.
    In order to prepare my exchanges of stars for chests, I'd like to know if I have, for example, 2000 stars, will I be able to chain exchanges for 800 chests?

    • Hello, if you can't finish the album, everything simply goes back to 0.
      However, your stars will be converted to dice, as indicated in the article! 🙂

  2. Hello, it seems to me that there are 6 days left to complete the albums. I'm only on the first one and I still have 3 cards and a lot of gold doubloons or 4 stars (3 or 4 per card).
    Do you think it's more profitable to have dice to wait until the end and have all my duplicates converted into dice, or to take a big box in which there will be dice?

    • Hello, unfortunately we don't yet know how many dice will give Monopoly for 1 star. So for the moment, it's impossible to know whether it's more profitable to open the chests first or to keep them for conversion :/

  3. Good evening, I've just finished my 1st album and won the pilot challenge, so I have over 20,000 dice. Do you keep the number of dice when you change album in 3 days? I'm wondering if I should keep them or play them if I lose them in 3 days.


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