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The gold cards look just like the normal Monopoly GO cards, but there are a few subtleties.

You're about to learn all about gold cards on Monopoly GO. In this article, you'll learn all about gold cards, but don't forget that the site specializes in the game Monopoly GO, so learn how to find your gold card. Monopoly GO login and also information about the next Monopoly GO partner event.

How do I redeem gold cards on Monopoly GO?

You may have noticed that it was you can't exchange your gold cards on Monopoly GO. This can be a real hassle when it comes to completing your albums, and can even prevent you from moving forward.

However, Monopoly GO offers you Golden Blitz from time to time to exchange your gold cards. I'll give you all the essential information, so read the article given just before. During this event, you'll be able to swap two golden cards previously defined by Monopoly GO. You can exchange 2 golden cards chosen by Monopoly GO (for example: Boogie Down golden card and Oviation golden card) for one of its two golden cards, or for a normal card. You can't exchange just any golden card during a Golden Blitz, since the game chooses two specific cards for each Golden Blitz.

I advise you to join Discord to be quickly informed of the next Golden Blitz and also to be able to exchange your golden cards with the Monopoly GO community:

☑️Échange your cards at Discord☑️

It's a nuisance not to be able to exchange them at any time, but hey... that's what gold cards are for after all, otherwise why would they be gold?

What are gold cards on Monopoly GO?

Gold cards are cards that can be found on certain pages of your Monopoly GO album. Here is an example:

Illustration Monopoly GO gold card presentation

Here, there are two gold cards, including a 4-star "Funky Music" gold card, and a 5-star "Boogie Down" gold card.

Furthermore, gold cards are worth twice their value ! In fact, a 4-star gold card will give you 8 stars instead of 4 to open your chests. And so, 5-star gold cards are worth 10 stars instead of 5. This differs from normal cards, which are worth the basic number of stars (a 4-star card = 4 stars in value).

What are the chances of getting a gold card in Monopoly GO?

You're probably wondering at what percentage you can get gold cards in card packs. Well, here are the percentages according to deck type:

For each image, look closely at the "Gold sticker" category.

  • For the green card pack (1 star) :

Illustration Monopoly GO Percentage gold card 1-star pack

  • For the pack of yellow cards (2 stars) :

Illustration Monopoly GO Percentage gold card 2-star pack

  • For the pack of pink cards (3 stars) :

Illustration Monopoly GO Percentage gold card 3-star pack

  • For the blue card pack (4 stars) :

Illustration Monopoly GO Percentage gold card 4-star pack

  • For the purple card pack (5 stars):

Illustration Monopoly GO Percentage gold card 5-star pack

These percentages are very interesting, whether you want to know the percentage of having a gold or non-gold card for the different sets. The 1, 2 and 2-star percentages are 0 %, as there are only 4 and 5-star gold stickers to be had in the various sets.

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