Golden Blitz Monopoly GO: information and dates

The Golden Blitz boost is an event that allows you to exchange certain golden cards for a limited time. It's a rare and much-loved boost.

The Golden Blitz allows you to exchange gold cards with other Monopoly GO players, which is a great way to finish your album! In this article, you'll learn the definition of the Golden Blitz, when the next gold card exchange takes place and how to use the boost. And before we go any further, don't forget that enhances your gaming experience, as you can benefit from free Monopoly GO dice links and view the various next Monopoly GO event.

What's the next Golden Blitz on Monopoly GO?

I think this is one of the most frequently asked questions on Monopoly GO (yes, yes, I see this question at least 2 times a day). It's not possible to know a month in advance when the next Golden Blitz will take place. However, there is some information to know about the frequency of the Golden Blitz:

  • The Golden Blitz takes place two or three times a month;
  • The Golden Blitz usually lasts 24 hours each time, giving you plenty of time to swap cards;
  • I publish an article a few days before the arrival of the Golden Blitz in play.

The last point is very useful to know... In fact, I'm aware of the Golden Blitz that will be arriving in the next few days. And so, whenever I have the information, I announce it directly with an article. Each time, I give you the date as well as cards that can be exchanged during the next Golden Blitz. I suggest you join our Discord specially designed for Monopoly GO :

☑️Sois for faster Golden Blitz updates Discord☑️

In addition to the article I do for each new Golden Blitz, I also post information on the boost daily event Monopoly GO which I update on the eve of the Golden Blitz release.

What is the Golden Blitz boost on Monopoly GO?

You've probably heard of the Golden Blitz if you've been playing the game for a while. But if you're just starting out, you may not be familiar with this boost... Yet it's very important to know what it is, because it's a boost that's very popular with players.

During the Golden Blitz event, you can exchange gold cards (gold cards). Monopoly GO will choose two specific gold cards, which you can then exchange five times for the duration of the boost. Of course, these five exchanges are independent of the five daily exchanges, i.e. you'll be able to exchange 5 golden stickers in addition to the five non-golden cards.

Here's what the Golden Blitz boost looks like directly in the game:

Illustration for the Golden Blitz Monopoly GO boost presentation

As you can see from the image above, two gold cards can be exchanged 5 times for any other card.

You may have some questions about this boost. I've had several questions, and I'll answer them now:

Can I exchange a gold card for another gold card?

It's perfectly possible! You can exchange one golden card for another golden card. The only restriction is that both cards must be offered in the Golden Blitz event. Taking the example of the image above, you could, for example, swap the Karaoke Dokey card for the On a success card.

Can I exchange a gold card for a non-gold card?

This is also possible. You can exchange a gold card for a non-gold card. Monopoly GO gives you this freedom to avoid being too restricted in your card exchanges.

How many golden cards can I exchange during the Golden Blitz?

During the Golden Blitz, you can exchange a maximum of 5 golden cards. So, during this period, you can exchange 5 golden cards in addition to the 5 normal daily cards (I prefer to remind you of this, even though I gave the information above).

These are the most frequently asked questions about the Golden Blitz. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask us in the comments.

How to use Golden Blitz boost effectively

How to exchange golden cards How do I use Golden Blitz to make a profit? These are probably questions you're asking yourself, and rightly so! When you first start playing, you're afraid of making the wrong choices, which can slow you down.

I have a few tips to give you that I personally use to play during the Golden Blitz:

  1. Iinforms before the Golden Blitz arrives to prepare my golden card exchanges with other players. I look at which cards can be traded to find players with whom I can make good trades.
  2. I prepare my exchanges golden cards in advance thanks to the Discord Monopoly GO because we've set up a trading room specifically for gold cards. A lot of players use it, so it makes it easy for me to find the gold cards I want to trade.
  3. I make trade fair. What do you mean "fair"? In short, I often see players swapping 3 non-golden 4-star cards for 1 gold card! Except that it's not at all profitable. I'd advise you to wait and find a fair exchange, i.e. one 4-star gold card for one 4-star non-gold card, that's all, no more, no less. Some players abuse their double golden cards, and make exchanges that are too costly in terms of cards. But honestly, just wait a few hours and you'll find someone with whom you can exchange one card for another without abusing it.

And if you're wondering how to exchange gold cards, it's exactly the same principle as for non-gold cards. Simply go to your sticker album and click on the gold card you wish to exchange.

You can also find : is the expert on the game Monopoly GO, and as passionate experts on the game, we're here to share with you our infallible tips and methods that have enabled us to have accounts with over 400,000 dice and how to advance very quickly in the game. We've helped hundreds of thousands of players with our articles, Youtube videos and Discord/Facebook support - now it's your turn!

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