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Tycoon Racers is a new event on Monopoly GO!

Once again, it's a cooperative event. In this article, I'm going to reveal all the essential information you need to know about the new event on Monopoly GO, but don't forget that the website allows you to find all the tips, dates, updates concerning Monopoly GO, for example theMonopoly GO card exchange or how to have 2 accounts on Monopoly GO !

What is the Tycoon Racers event?

The Tycoon Racers event is a whole new event on Monopoly GOin the same way as partner events on Monopoly GO for example! In fact, the principle is somewhat similar to that of the partner event!

You'll need to invite 3 people to play with you to form a team. Once the team has been formed (you have 1 day to form the team), a race begins between all the teams !

To do this, you'll need to collect the flags on the board to advance as quickly as possible in the race. Each time you complete a lap, you'll be able to choose between different rewards! After each race, you'll win medalsand the team with the most medals wins the final grand prize! How cool is that? A cooperative event with several teams!

Illustration Tycoon Racers Monopoly GO event rules

And yes, it's as simple as that! But now that you know what it is, I'll explain how to take part, as you may not see it on your Monopoly GO game.

Know that your remaining flags will be converted into cash if you haven't used it all up by the end of the last race.

How to get the Tycoon Racers event on Monopoly GO?

Unlike the first Tycoon Racers event, future events will be available for the worldwide. So there's no need for a VPN or anything else! It works just like traditional events.

How do I invite friends to the Tycoon Racers Monopoly GO event?

Once you have access to the Tycoon Racers event, you can start building your team! To do so, simply click on the friend you wish to invite:

Illustration Monopoly GO Invite Friends Tycoon Racers

If you don't see your friends appear, it's because they don't have access to the event. Ask them if they want to participate and show them this article so they understand everything.

If you can't find a team, Monopoly GO will put you in the driver's seat. automatically in a team before the start of the race.

I really think this event is going to change the way we play, since it's a team event with several people at the same time! It's very original and we're not used to seeing this kind of event on Monopoly GO. I'd also advise you to join our Discord Monopoly GO to be mentioned when we publish this kind of news:

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21 comments on the discussion forum for "New Monopoly GO: Tycoon Racers event"

    • Hello, as indicated in the article, there are rewards for each lap. You'll have to choose between three rewards each time. In addition to these small rewards, there are also rewards for the final ranking!

  1. Hello
    Is it wise to team up with my 2nd Monopoly account?
    Can I be on several teams at once?
    If I understand correctly, you drive your car and it drives the same in all the teams you belong to?

    • Hello, yes, if you're active on both your accounts, you can team up on both.
      No, you can only be on one team for each account.
      And yes, that's right, your whole team is helping to drive the same car 😉

  2. Hello, so the more dice we have, the more flags we have. And the greater the number of flags for each player on a team, the greater the team's chance of winning, right?

    • Hello, yes it is.
      If you have more dice, you can have more flags. And the more flags you have, the further you should advance with a bit of luck.
      In other words, you'll be up against opponents of your own level, so that's cool, to make it as fair as possible.

  3. I love this event! It's a great way to get away from an individualistic approach, by selecting playing partners to achieve a common goal: building a racing car and winning the Big Reward!
    Fun and varied, you can benefit from free throws or offerings for your partners.
    It's exhilarating, right to the end!
    Here's a little tip: I opt for throws of 60, because I've found that they make more progress than other bets.
    Good game! 😉

    • Oh yes, it gives a whole new dynamic to the usual partner events, that's great! 🙂
      Really? I'll have to try playing in x60!
      Good game too 😉

  4. Slt merci pour cet article énormément d'infos
    I have a question though 🙃
    is it possible to modify the team before the event?
    And during the event?

    • Hello, yes indeed.
      You may leave your team before the start of the race. However, you cannot remove a team member. So: either leave your team entirely, or decide to stay with them. I hope that's clear 🙂

    • I always recommend playing the last few hours before the end of the first race, and then the second race. But in the end, it doesn't matter.
      On the other hand, don't forget that the second race wins x2 in medals, so think about playing strategically and don't spend it all in the first race! 🙂

    • Hello, indeed. You'll be playing with 2 other teams (i.e. your opponents) in addition to your own. Yes, it'll be fair! Monopoly GO will choose according to your level in the game, and number of dice 😉

    • Hello, for the record I have no idea 🙁 as soon as I have the information, I'll write you a new comment. I'll try to find out.
      However, if there's a tie, I'm thinking maybe the team with the most wins? Example: if you've won 2 out of 3 races, you win, even if you have the same number of medals. We'll see...


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