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Created in 1935 as a board game, Monopoly has already won over a wide audience. Evolving with the times, a mobile version appeared in 2023 and has enjoyed phenomenal success. The game has already raked in 2 billion in revenue, even though it can be downloaded free of charge. It's often difficult for players to stop once the dice have been rolled.

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As you progress through the game, it's possible to get dice, or rather dice throws, for free. If you're a new player, you'll get 30 free throws to start with. But for experienced players, free dice aren't enough when you run out. But how much do Monopoly Go dice cost? And how do you buy them? Sit back and let me explain in detail the price of Monopoly Go dice !

Monopoly Go on mobile.
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How much do the dice cost on Monopoly Go?

At the very start of your adventure on Monopoly Goyou'll receive 30 free dice. A good start, you may say, but as you progress in your capitalist quest, you'll eventually run out of dice. Don't panic, you can buy more, but at what price? The game offers a wide range of solutions in its storedetails of which are shown in the table below:

Number of dice Dice bonus on first purchase Dice prices
  • 30
  • 80
  • 180
  • 425
  • 1400
  • 3200
  • +50
  • +160
  • +450
  • +1250
  • +5000
  • +15000
  • 1,99$
  • 4,99$
  • 9,99$
  • 19,99$
  • 49,99$
  • 99,99$

There are ways to get cheaper dices:

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How to buy dice on Monopoly Go?

The method is simple if you want to buy dice on Monopoly Go. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Start the game
  • From the interface, tap on the option at the top right of your screen
  • Press "store
  • Then choose from the available offers and voilà!
steps to buy dice on Monopoly Go.
Illustrative image of the steps to buy dice on Monopoly Go. Source :

How do I get free dice on Monopoly Go?

Although buying dice directly from the store means you get them instantly, there are other ways to get dice for free. If you don't want to spend any money, consider the following methods.

Collecting the gift pack

While everyday players are familiar with this assortment of gifts, beginners and occasional players are certainly not aware of its existence. This is a gift pack available every 8 hourswhich can be found in the game's Shop tab.

Invitations sent to your friends

By inviting your friends on Facebook, you can get free dice on Monopoly Go. Each invitation earns you 40 throws of the dice. To be sure of obtaining these free dice, your friend must accept your invitation, download and launch the game, with the aim of linking Monopoly GO to his or her Facebook account.

Illustration of inviting friends to Monopoly Go.
Shot of the invitation to friends on Monopoly Go. Source :

Let the time go by

Even if you run out of dice, Monopoly Go offers you 5 free dice every hour. All you have to do is wait. But that's not all: if you use these free dice regularly, you'll be able to take full advantage of the throws offered by Scopely.

Participate in events

It is worth noting that the game's creators often organize special events so that players can offer the most interesting redeemable coupons. These versatile coupons can be used to obtain cash, reels, dice rolls and many other exceptional gifts.

The use of daily gift links

These links are published daily by the developers of Monopoly Go, allowing players to enjoy free dice. Please note, however, that these links are valid for a limited time onlyThis means a maximum of 48 hours. Activate the codes as soon as you receive the link, so as not to waste any time. And remember, they can only be used once per account.

Please also note that these links are only available for level 15 players or more and apply to mobile games only.

Fun and sometimes addictive, Monopoly Go offers a variety of options for regular play. It's up to you to choose between the various methods of obtaining free dice. However, if you'd like to buy them directly, prices are available in the game's store. So don't wait any longer, build your fortune by embarking on a capitalist adventure with Monopoly Go!

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