Next Monopoly GO Golden Blitz at the end of April

The last Golden Blitz took place on April 12, 2024, and the next Golden Blitz is just around the corner on Monopoly GO!

The Golden Blitz allows you to exchange certain golden cards for a limited time, which can be very useful for completing your card albums. In this article, I'll reveal the date and the cards that can be exchanged, but don't forget that the website provides all the information you need on Monopoly GO, including free Monopoly GO dice links as well as the Monopoly GO events table.

When is the next Golden Blitz on Monopoly GO?

The Golden Blitz is a much-anticipated event in which gold cards are exchanged between Monopoly GO players. For this new "Making Music" album, only one Golden Blitz has taken place since the album's inception.

But the next Golden Blitz is just around the corner. The Golden Blitz is scheduled to start on April 26, 2024 at 00:00 until April 26, 2024 at 17:59 for a period of 24 hours. Of course, the date is still subject to change (we can never be 100 % certain of the exact date until the event appears). As far as the time of the Golden Blitz is concerned, I unfortunately have nothing to share with you at the moment... 🙁

What cards can be exchanged during the Golden Blitz?

And yes, the Golden Blitz doesn't allow just any golden card to be exchanged... Monopoly GO chooses which cards can be exchanged!

During the Golden Blitz on April 26, 2024, the following cards can be exchanged:

  • Scarcity Spin City" set (set 14)
  • La Traviata Bel Canto" set (set 21)

Here's what the two cards look like:

Illustration of the Rarity card (set 14) for the Golden Blitz on April 25, 2024Illustration of the La Traviata card (set 21) for the Golden Blitz on April 25, 2024

Where and how can I redeem my golden cards during the Golden Blitz?

Perhaps you're wondering how to redeem golden cards once you're logged in to Monopoly GO? Firstly, remember that you can only exchange golden cards during the Golden Blitz event, and only for certain cards! Then, once the Golden Blitz has started, simply go to your album, find the golden card you want to swap, and select the person you want to swap with. In short, it works in exactly the same way as for normal (non-golden) cards.

For even more detailed information, I highly recommend the article that explains everything you need to know about the Golden Blitz Monopoly GO !

Where to swap cards? Where can you find people to swap with? So, either you find friends or a family member you know to swap cards with, but that's still very limited. That's why we've set up a Discord server specially designed for Monopoly GO :

☑️Échange your cards at Discord☑️

This Discord server will allow you to exchange all your cards, simply by saying which cards you want to exchange (give and receive). And... we've created a dedicated Gold Card Exchange Lounge, which is really handy for finding lots of people to exchange with, given that our Discord contains over 44,000 members!

PS: On Discord, in addition to swapping cards, you can get daily boosts and previews of upcoming events and tournaments!

What is the Golden Blitz on Monopoly GO?

Perhaps you're new to Monopoly GO and don't know what the Golden Blitz is all about? It's a rare event that happens very few times a month. During this event, it's possible to exchange golden cards from your Monopoly GO albums, which isn't normally possible. In fact, it's basically impossible to exchange golden cards on Monopoly GO, but during the Golden Blitz, it's totally possible! However, this event does allow you to exchange specific golden cards (2 different cards, like the Rarity and La Traviata cards for the Golden Blitz, which arrives on April 26, 2024).

Here are the answers to some of the questions gamers are asking about this eagerly-awaited event!

How many golden cards can I exchange during the Golden Blitz?

During the Golden Blitz, you can exchange a maximum of 5 golden cards. So, during this period, you can exchange 5 golden cards in addition to the 5 normal daily cards.

Can I exchange a gold card for another gold card?

Yes, it's possible! You can exchange one golden card for another golden card. The only restriction is that both cards must be offered in the Golden Blitz event.

Can I exchange a gold card for a normal (non-gold) card?

This is also possible! You can exchange a gold card for a non-gold card. Monopoly GO gives you this freedom to avoid being too restricted in your card exchanges.

These are the most frequently asked questions before and during a Golden Blitz. But of course, if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask us in the comments.

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