How do I exchange cards on Monopoly Go?

Play Monopoly Go onlineYou can earn money, build, collect stickers along the way, and compete with friends to become the most successful tycoon. Cards, the game's prized possessions, can be traded with other players to complete your collections, when you're having trouble getting your hands on some. Wondering how? You've come to the right guide.

Here we reveal some handy tips on how to swap cards in Monopoly Go and information on whether or not gold stickers can be swapped.

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Exchanging cards on Monopoly Go: conditions and steps

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Requirements and important notes

Before diving into the sticker exchanges on Monopoly Go, keep a few key points in mind:

👉 Make sure you have at least one or more duplicate cards in your collection to exchange or send to your friends.

👉 Duplicate stickers in your collection are identified by a distinctive sign (Example: a single duplicate sticker will be marked with a +1).

Screenshot of a duplicate sticker on Monopoly go. Source: Yann

👉 The exchange requires the other player to be in your in-game friends list.

👉 Optimize the use of the exchange function in Monopoly Go, because the daily limit is set at 5 cards only.

The steps to follow

Here are the steps to follow to make the exchange:

  1. Launch the game and touch the "Album in the bottom right-hand corner of the home screen;
Screenshot of the album button in Monopoly go. Source: Yann
  1. You will be redirected to a screen displaying your current maps and specific duplicatesYou'll find out how much you can exchange for your collection;
  2. Select the card to be exchanged by pressing ;
  3. If the card is duplicated, the "Send to a friend will appear. Press it and a list appears, displaying all the players belonging to your friends list, in the option "Select a friend".
Screenshot of the button to send a sticker to a friend on Monopoly go. Source: Yann

All you have to do is choose friend's name with whom you wish to exchange, click on it, then press "send and you're done.

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Is it possible to exchange a gold card on Monopoly Go?

Getting gold stickers is a notorious challenge in Monopoly GO. Regular ones are easy to get, but gold ones are rare, sometimes requiring duplicates before you reach your goal.


As a general rule, exchange of gold stickers is prohibited, except during the Golden Blitz event. However, its limited availability and restrictions make it an unreliable option, often forcing you to rely on the opening of Monopoly Go sticker packs.

What is this event?

Little is known about the Golden Blitz event, which has recently appeared in certain regions. Lasting 24 hours, exchange gold stickers for random versions. Although occasional, it offers a daily trading opportunity for regular players.

The Golden Blitz event is intermittent and rare, not guaranteeing high frequency. Stay tuned, but don't miss it, as it could be your only trading opportunity.

Bonus: Tips for getting stickers to trade quickly

In Monopoly Go, the variety of methods for obtaining stickers gives you options to suit your playing style.

Play regularly and roll the dice frequently is the most effective way. This helps complete a variety of activities, from daily treats to limited-time tournaments, allowing you to improve your net worth and unlock rewards such as cash, rolls, and of course stickers.

The stickers can also be accessed in a variety of ways:

  • In finishing fast
  • In progressing in the stages
  • Ranking among top 3 in a tournament
  • In doing so turn the wheel of colors
  • By receiving friend stickers
  • By opting for purchasing packs in the game store.

The diversity of sticker sources offers a rich and engaging gaming experience. Be sure to log in regularly to participate in daily Monopoly Go events and increase your chance of unearthing more cards that you can then trade with other players.

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