Link to 2000 free Monopoly Go dice ?

Is it possible to get a link to 2000 Monopoly GO dice for free? We'll take a closer look at whether this has happened in the past, and whether Monopoly GO can provide links to that many dice.

The opportunity to win 2,000 free dice has attracted a lot of interest from players, but many questions have arisen.

Don't forget that every day we share the daily boosts Monopoly GO and events and tournaments.

Monopoly GO has already given away a link to 2000 free dice!

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You may have heard the rumour that Monopoly GO is giving away 2,000 dice for free to all players. The rumor is true, and some players have been lucky enough to get it! But this has only happened once since the creation of Monopoly GO. In fact, it was an error on the part of the game's developers, which was very surprising. The error occurred at the end of November 2023.

It's happened before, but usually never again. Free dice links usually give between 25 and 30 dice, not 2000. Below is a link to 25 dice. This is a mistake that shouldn't happen again. You should also be wary of people or sites offering you large quantities of free dice, as in most cases this is a scam. So many dice don't just fall from the sky, and getting so many via a single link is very rare indeed.

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Where can I find free dice links and avoid being ripped off?

Although 2000 free dice links are very rare (not even possible to have, unless Monopoly GO decides to be very generous)You can get free dice on a daily basis. Every day, we publish links to free dice (usually between 25 and 30 dice). If you add up all the links, you can easily earn a lot of dice.

To obtain free dice links, please read our article on free Monopoly go dice.

In fact, this is the only way to obtain dice freely and legitimately. There's no risk of scamming or banning, as these links are provided directly by Monopoly GO.

What are the dice for in Monopoly GO?

If you're new to the game, you may not understand what dice are for on Monopoly GO. Or how important it is to have lots of dice in the game.

Dice allow you to move forward on the board, and thus advance in the game. Dice are the main elements of the game, so it's essential to have as many as possible to advance quickly. Advancing on the board allows you to :

  1. Earning moneyThis allows you to build your own buildings and board.
  2. Participate in special events and tournaments There are many events taking place several times a week, and to progress in these tournaments, you need to roll dice to land on the required squares. And to do this, once again, you need dice. Without them, you'll be stuck.
  3. Unlock new cards and complete your album: the more you progress, the more cards you'll earn. And what do you need to progress? Dice! The more dice you have, the easier it is to complete events, and the more packs of cards you'll get.


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