Monopoly Go community box: How to get the X50!

For those looking for a technique to get the x50 on Monopoly Go and get the sticker pack

I'm going to share with you in the article the one that allows me to increase the odds, I talked about it in this video (in French) and you can see me get a x50 thanks to this technique. The aim is to increase the probability of getting the x50.

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The aim is simple: if you come across an "active friends bonus" at the start, don't choose any other friends, as you'll directly increase the chances of coming across a key and opening the safe. If you take them towards the end, and there are only friends left, this greatly increases the odds. But be careful, this doesn't mean you'll get x50 every time. You still need to be lucky to get them.

Lots available in the community box.

If you find a friend, you can win the following prizes:

  • Active friend bonus (choose another friend)
  • Money
  • Stickers

How can I increase my community fund earnings?

You have to land on the 3 community boxes on the Monopoly GO game board.

Monopoly Go events calendar and table




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1 commentaires on "Monopoly Go community fund: Technique to get the X50!"

  1. When I do the community checkout, I haven't fallen over once (x 50) and no purple stickers. For me, it's always random and I'd like my luck to change a bit.


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