What is Monopoly Go: Complete file on the game

Immerse yourself in an immersive and innovative new experience of the legendary board game Monopoly Go, which can be played on a smartphone or other platforms. It's available on Google Play and the App store. Let's find out together in this guide, what is Monopoly Go?

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When did Monopoly Go come out?

Monopoly Go was released on April 12, 2023, developed by renowned mobile gaming company Scopely and Hasbro Inc.

They've reinvented the concept of one of the world's best-loved board games. Indeed, the game integrates with the classic Monopoly game, offering new experiences and exclusive worlds to explore.

In fact, Monopoly Go is one of the most immersive Monopoly games created to date. It even has its own complete Monopoly universe.

What type of game is Monopoly Go?

As mentioned above, Monopoly has been developed by Scopely, a publisher who has created a number of successful games, including : Scrabble Go and Stumble Guys.

In collaboration with Hasbro, Monopoly Go takes the principle of the Monopoly game and modernizes it by adding an original dimension. You can rob other players' banks or destroy their buildings. Graphics and animations are fluid and successful.

This makes it easy for players to get to grips with the game of capitalism. They will be able to develop their own buildings with the help of numerous rewards and bonuses from other players, depending on the squares on the board and the type of rent to be collected.

Where does Monopoly Go come from?

Monopoly means "monopoly" in English. This is an American board game. The aim of the game is to ruin your opponents through real estate transactions. Monopoly represents the apparent aspects of capitalism. If you want to excel at the game, we've got you covered. tips and tricks.

Which studio created the mobile game Monopoly Go?

The Monopoly game is coming to your smartphones thanks to a close collaboration between Scopely and Hasbro Inc. The game is available on Google play and the App store. A whole universe of features awaits you. A perfect game for all ages.

On which platforms can you play Monopoly Go?

Now available on Google Play and the App Store, Monopoly Go can be played via Android or IOS. It invites itself into your smartphone. For the time being, there's no way of playing the game on your PC except via an emulator.

Is Monopoly Go Free To Play?

The game is entirely free, but if you want to personalize your experience even further, you can make a few purchases. To find out more, discover List of costs for building Monopoly Go boards.

Illustration of Monopoly Go
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What other games come close to Monopoly Go?

Monopoly is back in its original form as a board game. You can start an online game, create a private account and invite your friends to play Monopoly online. It's also possible to play single-player with AI or against unknown players. Here are some other alternatives to Monopoly Go:

Catan Universe

For lovers of board games, you can also try out Catan Universe. This free mobile game is a digital version of Settlers of Catan. It's all about rolling dice, collecting resources and building colonies on a turn-by-turn basis. This game will remind you of the charm of board games.

7 Wonders

Still in the board game category, 7 Wonders is also a better selection. It features a "Duel" version, or a Carcassonne-type tile game. You can play it anytime, anywhere, thanks to the mobile version.

What's the difference between Monopoly Go and classic Monopoly?

We've all grown up with Monopoly Classique, also known as Monopoly Original, which was created by the Parker brothers in 1935. A game of strategy, negotiation and luck. Players buy, sell and trade properties. The aim is to monopolize the board and bankrupt their opponents. Let's dive in for a quick comparison of the classic version and Monopoly Go:

  • In terms of game duration: classic Monopoly is a marathon lasting several hours. Monopoly Go, on the other hand, is a sprint, with faster games.
  • In terms of gameplay mechanics, classic Monopoly is a turn-based game, whereas Monopoly Go uses simultaneous actions to be more dynamic.
  • Classic Monopoly is a physical board game, while Monopoly Go is digitally driven to offer a different experience.
  • In classic Monopoly, you need to own more properties, negotiate and manage resources. In Monopoly Go, you have to make quick decisions and use power-up strategies.
  • Monopoly Go features a digital format that allows worldwide multiplayer confrontations. This feature is not available with the classic version.

Have you already played Monopoly Go? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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