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The Rush to the Plateau boost lets you earn both dice and money in addition to the initial rewards when you build a village.

The Rush to the Plateau event allows you to win exciting rewards for a limited time. In this article, you'll find out when the Rush to the Plateau boost takes place and what you need to know, but don't forget that the website has lots of Monopoly GO tips, including our complete Monopoly GO guide to get you off to a good start in the game, as well as information about the boost High Roller Monopoly GO.

When is the next Monopoly GO plateau rush?

Plateau rush events appear a few times a week. This varies from week to week: for example, the event may appear 3 times in a week, but sometimes there's no Rush to the Plateau during the week. But when this boost does arrive, it stays for several hours rather than a few minutes, giving you plenty of time to enjoy it. The Rush to the Plateau boost generally lasts 12 hours.

Find out when the next Rush to the Plateau takes place, you need to view the daily boosts which are updated daily. Every day, I give you a list of the events that are going to take place the next day, so you can anticipate your game and know when to open the app to combine certain boosts together (I'll talk about combining boosts right after). I'd also advise you to join our Discord designed for Monopoly GO so you can be mentioned as soon as boosts are updated:

☑️Sois to find out more about the new Rush to the Plateau boost Discord☑️

What is the Monopoly GO board rush boost?

The "Ruée sur le plateau" event offers several hours of opportunity to win 30 dice and money for each village you finish building. Each time you build a complete board, you'll earn money and dice, which can be used to earn extra rewards.

The Ruée le plateau event earns you dice and money every time you complete your plateau. Of course, the amount of money you earn depends on your level in the game: the higher your level, the more money you earn. So it's an interesting boost if you want to increase your dice count on Monopoly GO just by building your board.

Monopoly GO illustration for the presentation of the board rush boost

How to use the Rush to the Plateau boost effectively?

By now, you know what the Rush to the Plateau boost is for, and that it lasts for several hours. Based on this information, I thought it might be interesting to combine this boost with other boosts to gain even more rewards.

  • Store your Monopoly GO money

Store your money in your account until a Plateau Rush event occurs.

Experienced players don't systematically build their buildings when they can - far from it! They store their money until they have a boost like the Rush to the Monument boost to build their various buildings in a single game session. Given that the Monument Rush boost generally lasts 12 hours, you've got plenty of time to build many villages. You'll be able to earn far more dice and money than if you'd built your buildings without the Ruée sur le plateau boost.

  • Combine Rush on the plateau + Rush on the monuments

Using the Monument Rush and Plateau Rush boosts can earn you even more dice and money. In fact, the Monument Rush boost allows you to earn dice and money when you fully construct a building. If you manage to combine the two boosts, you'll earn rewards when a building is fully constructed, and then one when the board is completely finished. All in all, this means you can earn 40 dice for a set, which is not insignificant.

  • Combine Plateau Rush + Builder Rush

The Builder's Rush boost allows you to build your buildings down to -50 % (yes, that's a huge reduction). Based on this information, I thought it would be interesting to wait for a Builder's Rush event at the same time as the Monument Rush to build more villages, since I'll be paying less for my buildings, and thus earning even more dice.

  • The best part: linking Plateau Rush + Builder Rush + Monument Rush

In fact, if you've been following the different combinations, you've probably been thinking "In the end, I might as well wait for all 3 boosts at the same time". Indeed, that's the best thing to do. But it's difficult to get all 3 boosts simultaneously.

What's more, some people prefer to build their villages during other boosts. Personally, I mostly build my villages during the Wheel Boost because I'd rather win cards than money and dice. It's up to you to decide what you prefer.

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