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The Builder's Rush event is a very recent but very useful boost to the game.

The Builder's Rush Boost allows you to build your buildings more cheaply for a longer period of time. In this article, you'll find all the important information you need to know about the Builder's Rush event on Monopoly GO, but don't forget that the website allows you to find all the tips, dates and updates concerning Monopoly GO, for example our complete Monopoly GO guide to make sure you don't miss a thing, or information about the Wild Sticker Monopoly GO !

When is the next Monopoly GO Builder's Rush?

The Builder's Rush event is a rare boost that rarely appears during the month. So you need to know when it's coming so you don't miss out. What's more, the Builders' Rush boost generally lasts 1 hourwhich gives you plenty of time to build lots of buildings!

You can find out in advance when the Builder's Rush will take place, so you can adopt a strategy to make the most of it. Find out more, you must consult the boost daily events which I update every day. I give the list of boosts the day before for the next day, so you know beforehand which boosts will be present. I also advise you to join our Discord Monopoly GO to be mentioned when the daily boosts are updated:

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What is the Builder's Rush boost on Monopoly GO?

The Builder's Rush boost enables you to build your buildings more cheaply, quite simply. It's a very profitable boost, because you'll be able to build your buildings up to -50 % cheaper ! That's a very good discount.

Monopoly GO illustration for the Builder's Rush boost presentation

Here's how it looks once you want to build on your set:

Illustration Monopoly GO Ruée Bâtisseurs Construction Plateau

As you can see, the reduction ranges from 50 % to 10 % per month for buildings. It's very interesting to build your buildings at this time.

How to use the Builder's Rush boost effectively?

Now that you know when the Builder's Rush takes place, I'll give you a few tips for the Builder's Rush on Monopoly GO! Don't use this boost without optimizing it.

  • Don't build your buildings just any old time:

I advise you never to build your buildings without an interesting boost. Money is a hard thing to come by on Monopoly GO. So don't build your buildings every time you have a bit of money, wait for interesting boosts like the Builder's Rush. Which boosts to expect? I'll tell you right now!

  • Combine the Ruée Bâtisseurs boost and the Boost de Roue boost:

In fact, this combination can be an interesting way of obtaining many more rewards. The Wheel Boost gives you 2 wheel turns instead of onebut to learn more, I recommend that you go directly to the information on the Wheel Boost on Monopoly GO. By combining these two boosts, you can both build your buildings more cost-effectively (and therefore build more buildings), but also earn twice as many wheel rewards !

  • Combine Builder Rush and Monument Rush:

You can also combine these two boosts to earn extra rewards. To find out what the Monopoly GO monument rushI'll let you have a look at the information about it. And so, if you manage to combine the two, you can build more buildings with the same amount of money, and earn dice and money on top of that!

  • Combine Builder's Rush and Plateau Rush:

Just like the front combination, these two boosts can be interesting to combine! The boost Ruée sur le plateau allows you to earn rewards for each fully-built board. So once again, you'll build more trays with the Builder's Rush, and earn extra rewards with the second boost!

  • Combine Builder Rush and Boom Sticker :

You can also link the Sticker Boom and the Ruée Bâtisseurs! The Builder's Rush will allow you to build a lot for an hour or so, giving you wheel turns and therefore potential card packs. The Sticker Boost gives you extra cards in your decks, so it can be a great way to round out your albums!

Indeed, that's a lot of possible combinations... The ideal is to link as many of these boosts together as possible to maximize your rewardsbut it's very difficult to do! However, I'm going to give you the combination I find most interesting to use! For me, the most interesting combination is : Ruée Bâtisseurs + Sticker Boom + Boost de Roue. In fact, personally, what I'm looking for most are cards, so I prefer to do everything I can to get as many as possible. And this combination is the most interesting. But the Sticker Boom is becoming increasingly rare, so I sometimes just build with the Builder Rush + Wheel Boost. This gives me quite a few cards to complete my album.

You can also find : is the expert on the game Monopoly GO, and as passionate experts on the game, we're here to share with you our infallible tips and methods that have enabled us to have accounts with over 400,000 dice and how to advance very quickly in the game. We've helped hundreds of thousands of players with our articles, Youtube videos and Discord/Facebook support - now it's your turn!

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