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The bloody suppurating finger is a multiplayer item in Elden Ring. It allows players to interact with each other in a variety of ways, including leaving messages for other players to read, cooperative play and competitive play such as PVP. We'll take a look at where to find it, and discover some important information you need to know about the bloody suppurating finger.

Image of the bloody finger suppurating in Elden Ring :

Descriptions of the bloody suppurating finger:

Online game object.
(This item can also be used in the Multiplayer menu.) Disappears after use.

You attempt to invade another player's world. If successful, your goal as an invader (Bloody Finger) will be to defeat the Host of Fingers of this world.

Blood congestion gives this Hooked Finger its purplish hue.
It seems to have been decided rather hastily.

Item name: "Festering Bloody Finger

Bloody Finger locations in Elden Ring :

Where to find the bloody suppurating finger:

  • Can be purchased from the Nomad Merchant in East Limgrave for 1000 Runes
  • Sold by Correctifs in the Grotte des eaux troubles after opening his store.
  • Can be purchased from Twin Girl Hulls at the Round Table after giving them a Bell Ringer of patches.
  • Masque Blanc Varre, either given by him during his second meeting at the Church of the Roses in Liurnie or by killing him and looting his corpse.
  • 10 are sold by the Merchant imprisoned inside the Mausoleum of the Mohgwyn dynasty for 2,000 Runes each.
  • 3 can be found on the Château de Voile-tempête on a roof, in the courtyard.
  • The hermit merchant at Cabane du marchand ermite on the outskirts of the capital also sells an infinite number of these for 3,000 runes each.
  • Sold by the Lone Merchant to Raya Lucaria.
  • Given by Varre
  • Mohgwyn Palace

Further information on suppurating bloody finger

  • You must complete the Varre White Mask, the quest series for granting the Bloody Finger, a reusable item that allows unlimited invasion attempts.
  • You can hold up to 99 bloody suppurating fingers.
  • You can neither store bloody suppurating fingers nor exchange them with other players.
  • Purchase value: 100 Runes


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