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  • Silica beads are essential in Ark: Survival Evolved for making electronics, and can be found in various locations such as snow biomes, underwater caves, and giant beaver dams.
  • To grow silica pearls efficiently, we recommend concentrating on snow biomes and giant beaver dams, avoiding other less productive methods.
  • Black pearls, another precious resource, can be obtained from the corpses of certain sea creatures and from the Gacha, a dinosaur capable of producing them.

The list of multiplatform games is a long time coming, and Ark: Survival Evolved is one of them! You can making objects in Ark. To do this, you'll needelectronics. The latter requires a resource called "Silica Pearls".

Silicon beads are a resource in ARK: Survival Evolved, and let's find out below how to get Silicon beads in Ark!

Illustrative image of where silica beads can be found in Ark.
Image showing where silica beads can be found in the Ark game.

How do I get silica beads in Ark?

To obtain these silica pearls in Ark, you need to visit the deepest parts of the ocean. So you need to find their nodes. Their location will depend entirely on the map. On Sorached land, for example, you can get them from the only water sources on the map.

That said, there are many ways and areas to find silica beads. Discover the locations below:

  • Snow biomes In the shallow areas of the shore where you will find the pearl knots;
  • Underwater caves underwater caves, where you'll also find pearl knots;
  • Giant beaver dams: these are the dams made by beavers, they sometimes contain silica beads;
  • Dead creatures A place where you can collect pearls. The bodies of Trilobites, Leeches, Eurypterids and Ammonites may contain them;
  • Le Phœnix merde When Phoenixes defecate, they defecate silica beads instead of normal excrement;
  • Ocean floor or rivers Silica pearls can be found at the bottom of the water in Ark's lakes. Further maps are available on the Ark website.

In Ark : Survival Ascendedyou can also obtain them from clamsUnder the cold sea in the western part of the map, and in the pond to the north of the peninsula. If you have furry armor and a flying mount, head for the frozen patches on the northwest coast. It's an easy place to get silica pearls.

If you use a Otter or a Anglerfish abyssal to collect Coelacanths, you'll obtain small quantities of silica pearls. On The Center map, you can find pearls at the bottom of inland rivers and in hot springs around the volcanic island. These environments are dangerous for new players, as they are inhabited by Piranhas and Salmon.

On Scorched Earth, use a whip to quickly collect pearls in an Oasis and in the riverbed in the middle of the map. In these environments, they can be found both in the water and on land.

How to grow Silician pearls?

In the first instance, you should ignore all other cultivation methods with the exception of snow biomes and beaver dams giants. Other techniques are just a waste of time, as they only yield a small quantity of pearls.

  1. To grow them, you'll need to walk along the shores of the snow biome on the island map.
  2. You'll find pearls in large shells near the beach.

For Scorched Earth and The Center cards, the main method of obtaining pearls is touse knots. With Scorched Earth, time will be easier than with other cards. In fact, you'll find the pearls in the river that runs through the map. For The Center, on the other hand, you'll have to cultivate knots underwater.

To make things easier for you, you need to call in a fisherman. These are best for plowing silica beads underwater. They also feature a light source for better visibility.

How to make Electronics in Ark?

Electronics are used in the production of electrical equipment. They can be manufactured either in a Machining centeror the from Créatures Tek.

Electronics can be collected from of deceased Executors as well as on Floor lamps, benches and tables in the Sanctuary in the Extinction DLC.

How to get black pearls in Ark?

Also a game resource, if you're wondering how to get black pearls in Ark, this section is for you!

  • Black pearls are obtained from the corpses of Trilobites, Sand Worms, Eurypterids, Ammonites, Tusoteuthis, Tusoteuthis (Alpha) and Mosasaurs (Alpha).
  • Gacha also has the capacity to produce quantities of black pearls according to its manufacturing capacity.

Use of Silica beads in Ark

Note that they are an ingredient in craft recipes, including :

  • Platform for Brontosaurus
  • Platform for Megachelon
  • Platform for Mosasaure
  • Platform for Paraceratherium
  • Platform for Plesiosaurus
  • Platform for Quetzal
  • Platform for Quetzal
  • Saddle of Mosasaurus, Plesiosaurus, Quetzal, Spinosaurus and Yutyrannus

Do you want to evolve on a wild island where dinosaurs dominate in this survival game in first-person view? Use these tips to find the quantity of silica beads you need to move forward. Alternatively, check out our top 5 video games to enrich your library.

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