How to hack a WeChat account?


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Hack a WeChat account? Is it possible ? How to do ? Who to ask? Indeed, it is possible to hack a Wechat account, but it is illegal. Spying on someone's account or email is a violation of someone else's privacy. But for valid reasons like: monitoring your child's account, or monitoring your spouse's account for example, hacking is somewhat legal. Let's find out how to hack a WeChat account through this guide.

What is the hacker's objective?

Indeed, the objective of a hacker is the lure of easy fraudulent gain and with complete impunity. Here are most often:

  • First, steal the contacts that are contained in the account. In fact, a valid contact sells itself to professional spammers or even gets scammed. It is a source of potential income.
  • Then, use the account for his benefit to usurp the identity of the owner and attempt to scam the contacts by sending emails that destroy the credulity of the recipients, diverting social benefits for his benefit. Hackers can also make online purchases in its name. Besides, they take advantage of access to the account: email password to use this information elsewhere;
  • Hackers exist because most email users leave their messages and contacts on their email account and on ISP servers. However, users should preserve the contacts on their computer in dedicated address books common to all accounts. Or even classify the mails in the unsynchronized local filing folders of a messaging software;
  • Also, this information about unsynchronized local address books and folders is not accessible to hackers. They also cannot be affected by deletions of emails especially on an online account.

What to do if your account is hacked?

If your account is hacked, here's what you should do:

  • If you no longer have access to your account, you must contact the service concerned in order to report the hacking and in return request the reset of your password.
  • In another, if you can still log into your account, you need to make sure your recovery phone number and email address are correct. On the other hand, if the coordinates are not yours, you must back up the evidence by taking screenshots or photos, etc. Immediately delete these e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
  • If your account has already been hacked, change your password immediately. Choose a stronger password. You should use different and complex passwords.
  • Also enable two-factor authentication to better protect your account.
  • You should also promptly change the hacked password on all sites and accounts where you used that last password.
  • To avoid further problems, notify all your contacts of this hack.

Even though there are tools and software to hack WeChat account, hacking or spying on someone else's account for malicious purposes is prohibited by law.



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