How to put the PS5 base to put the console upright or lying down?


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Did you recently buy your PS5 console? You may be confused about the installation of your console. Indeed, it is quite common, because when you unbox your PS5, your first headache is to understand how to install its base to be able to put the console on the TV stand vertically or horizontally. The base is supplied with the console, this option allows you to install your PS5 as you wish. You probably don't have an idea on how to do it, here is a little guide to help you.

Fix the base vertically for a standing console

First tutorial, fix the base vertically for a standing console. The steps to take are easy, here is what you have to do:

  • First take the stand between your hands, then rotate it by the handle, make sure you hear a small click;
  • Immediately, you will see a compartment appear on the underside of the base. The latter is supplied with a small screw inside;
  • Then dislodge the screw from its location before removing the small plastic tip on your PS5;
  • Fix it on the place where the screw was in the compartment of the base in order not to lose it;
  • Then, place the base under the console in such a way that the small handle and its two claws at the end hook behind the ventilation grilles;
  • Finally, hold the base and tighten the screw. To do this, use a flat screwdriver or a coin;
  • Pick up your console and start playing.

Fix horizontally to put your console lying down

In this second part, you will fix your console horizontally in order to put your console lying down. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, start preparing your console for horizontal installation;
  • Turn the base on itself using the handle. Make the upper and lower parts rotate in the opposite direction;
  • The screw compartment must remain closed when you hear the click, the latter occurs at the end of the rotation;
  • If the screw appears, the base is in a vertical position. So turn it the other way;
  • Then place the console in front of you. Try to have the ventilation grilles at the back of your console under your eyes;
  • Align the two claws on the stand handle so that they line up with the square sign icons normally found on a PlayStation controller;
  • You will no longer have to install other screws to hold the PS5 when it is placed horizontally on its base;
  • Once these steps are complete, you can put down your console and start playing.



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