How to sell foot photos on the Internet?

Do you have pretty feet? If so, you can make some easy money.

In this post, I will explain the best ways to make money selling pictures of your feet.

I will also teach you how turn this additional source of income into a profitable monthly gain.

In fact, foot photo salespeople use the same tactics to win many new customers. They win also thousands of dollars every month by selling pictures of feet.

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Site to sell pictures of her feet)

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    I'm sure the first time you were told that people were making money selling foot pictures, you were skeptical. However, after a little thought, you will be able to consider, given the popularity of feet.

    A study revealed that 10 % of the population has a fascination for feet. It's no wonder people want buy pictures of beautiful feet. However, there are many other reasons why people are tempted to buy pictures of their feet.

    Feet images are used by marketers as well as digital publishers to showcase the products they sell. Podiatrists (foot doctors) use images of feet to explain medical problems.

    Selling foot photos can be profitable. For example, one woman makes $70,000 a year selling foot pictures (and not just on fetish websites) and there are others like her. You can earn a huge amount of money by selling pictures of your feet.

    You are probably wondering what you can do to start selling your feet images ? It's a great thing.

    In this article, you will discover the most effective places to sell foot photos and we will guide you on the best selling platform and how to create your community.

    picture of feet

    The best app to sell pictures of your feet

    MYM Fans is a content service that allows users to pay for private photos, either through the device or by subscription. It's a bit like the paid Instagram account.

    MYM Fans is the most effective method to earn a continuous income by selling foot pictures.

    Users (your customers) will spend between $9.99 and $49.99 per month to view your profile and photos.

    Become a MYM Creator to sell foot photos

    When it comes to the private images you can create at the request of your followers, there are no limits. You can charge whatever you want.

    • L'major advantage of MYM Fans is the payment system integration in the app. This means there is no need for a third-party billing service.
    • the second advantage is that you will benefit from the popularity of this platform and you will not have to worry about whether to send the photo before or after payment. Your customers will be reassured since they will know that after having paid, they will be able to access your catalog or your photo.
    • the third advantage is that, thanks to the platform, MYM Fan members (more than 150,000) will be able to find your profile without the need to advertise it. (Although we recommend you do so and explain the process to you in this post).

    If a customer wants a private photo (of your feet with a bottle for example), then you can sell them much more!

    And what's nice about the foot photo is that you can remain anonymous!

    I already invite you to create your account:

    Become a MYM Creator to sell photos of your feet

    PRO TIP How do you find buyers for your foot photos?

    First of all, I advise you to create your account above, and to integrate it on your various social networks and to promote it. The goal is for people to be curious and click on your profile. You can make "promotions" by saying that there is a reduction until 2023 for example.

    The more active you are on social networks, reacting to other posts, talking in the comments, known tweet, the easier it will be to have more followers and sell your photos. Try to make posts every day and find when your community wants to have photos (especially in the evening when you get home from work).

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      1. Sell your feet photos on Instagram (find customers)

      Instagram is mostly a photo sharing app as well as a social media platform. It allows users to share their photos and comment on them. Because Instagram is a visual social network that's great for showing off your foot photos to potential customers.

      Start by adding your MYM Fans profile in your description. Next, briefly describe why you are selling pictures of your feet. Also, you should regularly add photos to your account. All you have to do is get followers and buyers!

      The most effective way to gain followers on Instagram

      If you are just starting your journey, the best way to gain followers is to take followers from your competitors. Watch what he/she posts and see what you can do to get featured next. Watch the real ones going viral and made in you too!

      When someone follows you, you can send them a private message trying to bring them back to your Mym page.

      Hashtags to sell foot images on Instagram

      There are a large number of foot photos on Instagram. There are over 15,000,000 Instagram posts using the #feet hashtag. You can also call on his other #s.

      #Feet = +15 million posts
      #PrettyFeet = +4 million photos
      #BeautifulFeet = +1 million posts
      #PerfectFeet = +1 million posts
      #FeetLovers = +1 million posts

      You can use its # to gain exposure and attract foot fans.

      2. Sell your foot pictures on Twitter. (find customers)

      Twitter is primarily a social media platform that allows users to follow other people. But the goal is to make short messages or share photos and videos.

      Gain more Twitter followers

      The best way to use Twitter to increase sales of your foot photos is to increase your follower count. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, Twitter is not an image-based platform. Therefore, the most effective use of Twitter is to increase the number of followers who will then be directed to your MyM Fans page.

      Your strategy for Twitter should center on your own content, which you post and share to engage your followers. The content you create should be designed to attract new followers, energize leads, and build your brand.

      For starters, when posting content, be sure to use hashtags, like #footphotos #FeetPics. This will increase the chances of your content being shared and seen by potential customers.

      You can talk privately with your followers and talk about your Mym. Ask them to RT your posts or like them. The more time you spend on twitter the better.

      When customers respond to you, close the sale. Send them your MYM Fan link so they can convert.

      foot picture

      3. Sell your feet photos on Facebook (find customers)

      Facebook is the world's largest social media platform, with over 2.2 billion monthly active users.

      Create a page on Facebook

      The best is to create a page and not use your public profile with your friends. Because your Facebook page for your photos will be put forward more than your public profile. Join fetish groups, chat and as soon as you can get someone on your page, or talk about your page do it.

      Update your facebook page with your Mym link in it. Be active and post once every day minimum.

      How to get more fans for your Facebook page

      Visit the pages of other walk photo sellers or join their group and start messaging their members. To join groups, you probably have to create fake profiles. Because your competitors will not like this ad.

      Your posts should encourage potential customers to join your page and go to your MyM Fans page.


      4. Sell your foot photos on Snapchat (find customers)

      Snapchat is an online photo and video social network that focuses on short video messages on mobile. Snapchat users are generally younger, but the number of users is rapidly growing to reach a wider (and male) audience. This is good news for you, because men are the biggest buyers of foot videos.

      Use the public Snap account to market your exclusive content.

      The downside of a private Snap account is that no one can locate you. This is where an open Snap account comes in handy.

      You can use your public web profile to drive potential customers to your paid offer. The best way to do this is to attract customers by regularly posting messages on Snap. As your videos and photos disappear in 24 hours, you need to be active and share regularly.

      Know that you will need to stay engaged on Snap to be successful. A post every 24 hours minimum.

      4. Sell your foot photos on TikTok (find customers)

      TikTok is an online social network that specializes in sharing short videos. The app allows users to create videos, edit, and share 15-second videos that include filters, music, and special effects.

      With over 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok can be a great opportunity to showcase your work. Once you have created your account, you are able to create short and sweet videos to promote your foot.

      The more engaging your videos, the more views and potential customers you will get.

      If potential customers notice that you offer foot photos and visit your profile. Include your MYM Fan hyperlink on your profile. Make sure it's clear that they can access your profile to see your foot photos.

      How much should you charge to offer your foot photos?

      The price of selling foot photos online varies between 10 and 25 euros per photo. Pricing is based on the quantity of feet included in the photo and may increase when feet are in demand.

      Newcomers to the market may be tempted to charge 5 euros at the start to reduce competition, attract customers and increase interest. Once you build up your customer base, you can raise your prices.

      Are there taxes to pay to sell photos of my feet?

      Yes, you will have to pay taxes when you sell foot photos. This is business income and must be reported as such. If you are a small online business selling foot pictures, you are an independent contractor, and your income is taxed as self-employment.

      Of course, you don't have to state that you are selling foot photos. You can simply call yourself "model". Model. In your freelance business options, it is not necessary to include the phrase “selling foot photos”.

      Can you legally sell photos of your feet?

      Yes, selling photos of your feet is legal. If you own the copyright to the photos, there is nothing illegal about selling photos of your feet.

      As long as you are an adult you have no problem. There is not yet a law prohibiting the sale of foot photos. If you go through Mym, you ensure that your customers are also adults and consenting. So for that I advise you to go through them.

      Become a MYM Creator to sell photos of your feet


      If you follow them correctly If you follow these tips, they will be a solid foundation to start selling foot photos.

      It will take you a few hours a day, but after a few weeks and months your income will be far superior to any other hard job.

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