The best TFT overlay with overwolf?

The best TFT overlay?

You're looking for theoverwolf overlay like on some streams? Or are you looking for something you haven't seen before?


So far there are only 2 overlay available and the best is undoubtedly that of Overwolf. 

To download theoverlay I invite you to Click here (opens in a new tab), don't hesitate to share my page if it helps you.

To download it, simply click on the button DOWLOADS TFT TACTICS.

Follow the installation if you have a problem, put a comment I will see to make a complete tutorial but normally there is no problem.

With this overlay you will have:

  • One-click menu for elements and element combinations, no alt + tab required!
  • Plan your mix, spot the next champion to buy and build a winning synergy
  • Complete champion statistics for all levels, including damage, armor, magic resistance and more!

How does it work?

You can download it on the page I put above, I'll put it back right here: Click here

Once you've downloaded it, click on view database or launch a game (clicking is better to see if everything works).

A page with all the information will open:

application screenshot

As we see, theadd-on makes money thanks to the ad on the bottom left, (you get used to it after a while) In game there is NO AD, but they have to make money and in a legal way (no virus or other for example 🙂 ) (No I'm not sponsored by Orange and it's a shame haha)

So you can see the best compositions of the moment with the S, and the items you have to put, in game a little overlay much more minimalist will automatically.

(to see a video where this is shown, I invite you to go and see the Mygale TV video on youtube : TFT: Addon OverlayOverwolf. (date of 1 month on the other hand)


I will continue to list the pages of theadd-on if you need more info, but want to find out for yourself, I'll let you play with it. overlay don't overwolf.

Don't hesitate to share this page with your friends, on your networks, it's the only way to help me 🙂 thanks to those who will.

A comment if it helped you but I prefer sharing it's just one click away!


Champions on tft.

Game Character PageThere is a page with info on game characters, as well as at the top right the best items to put on it.


List of the third list of the best characters on TFT.

Third party list on TFTThe third party list of characters with their rank (S = the best) is up to you to decide which ones to take, and above all to follow the recommended stuff!

The item builder.

Item builder tftTo know what stuff to do with what you have available, ultra useful at the beginning when you don't know how to build the stuff you want and the bonuses it gives.

Team building

Team buildingIf you want to create your team before the game to know what bonus you're going to get, this is the place to go. It may be useful at first, but afterwards you'll do it all in your head, and in the game I think it's probably too time-consuming to do, so let's see how useful this page really is.

The other pages

The other 3 pages are in order

  • A match history page (last 10 matches) to remember your compo and everything you've done in previous games, can be useful for those who want to improve or when you're testing a new compo at the release of an update.
  • Page match recap, I have no idea what it's for, if anyone can tell me in the comments, it would be really useful and helpful for those who read the tutorial, I won't add it here, so I invite you all to go and read the comments! (wouah I found the best technique haha, #besttechnique for those who read! mdr)
  • TFT patchnotes page! All information about changes to theadd-on


This is the end of this page on theoverlay, I await your return on theadd-on in the comments, really it's the best!

Don't hesitate to share this page wherever you can (within the rules eh, not spam people you don't know haha), it's the only thing that can help me I ask nothing else.

Thanks for reading and good luck in the field of Teamfight tactics !!!



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