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Dofus tip for the quest: He who thought he was caught is caught.

For those who want to do the quest : I'll let you read the rest:

Quest launch:

  • Astrub - City of Astrub [3,-17]. With Kerubim Crépin

The quest:

You must speak to Kerumbim Crépin to launch the quest in [3,-17].

Then go to the Astrub library and talk to Prim in [7,-19].

Then you have to go and talk to and start a rumour:

  • In [1,-21] talk to Alberta Borida.
  • In [6,-18] talk to Sel Dawa.
  • In [6,-15] talk to Shani Sings.

Even later, an Amaknean Investigator will be in [1,-17].
(EDIT: it can also be found in: in [3,-21] or in [7,-15] or in [7,-19])

Then you have to go to the Incarnam gate in [6,-19] to talk to Hippolyte Hique. You must confirm that you are this person.
Then talk to the Amaknean Investigator and once again to Hippolyte Hique.

Take Hippolyte to the militia in [5,-19]. Talk to Badufron, then go to the militia basement and talk to Hippolyte Hique one last time.

Quest reward:

  • 25,013 XP
  • 552 kamas

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