How to Beat Dark Fairy boss on Raid

How to beat boss Astranyx, Dark Fairy on Raid Shadow Legends?

At the bottom of the page you'll find the tips, but we'll start with the boss skills!


Reminder of boss Dark Fairy skills.

Rays of Dark Light:

Attacks all enemies. Has a 100% chance to place a [Leech] debuff on each enemy for 2 turns.

Dark tendrils:

Attack all enemies, stealing 1 random buff from each enemy, depending on the number of Magic Champions in the enemy team (1 buff for each Magic Champion).
Steals Turn Counter from each enemy, depending on the number of Force Champions in the enemy team (10% of the Turn Counter for each Force Champion).
Has a 25% chance to place a [Absolute Fear] debuff on each enemy for 1 turn. Chances increase by 25% for each Void Champion on the enemy team.
Heals Astranyx by 10% of its MAX HP for each Spiritual Champion on the enemy team.

Fairy Storm:

Attack all enemies. All living allies will team up and join this attack. Damage increases by 25% for each living ally.

Dark abduction :
Banish 1 enemy champion and create a mirror copy in the dark fairy's team.
Places a [Absolute Fear] debuff on all enemies for 1 turn.

Passive: Fairy mirror:
Places a [Perfect Veil] buff on Astranyx the Dark Fairy for 3 turns and generates Mirror Copies of all enemies on Astranyx's team at the start of the battle.
Summons Mirror copies of all enemies in Astranyx's team whenever his Dark Energy meter reaches 5.
Also places a [Perfect Veil] buff on Astranyx for 3 turns whenever his Dark Energy counter reaches 5.
The counter goes back to 0 when it goes up to 5.

All-powerful immunity:
It's impossible to prevent him from playing with debuffs and exchanging HP.

All-powerful strength:
We can make max 10% of max PV with skill based on PV.

All-powerful tenacity :
Lap counter reductions are divided by 2.


Strategy for Beating the Dark Fairy :

The simplest technique is to have a champion kill your other team at the start of your turn, provoke them or reduce the turn counter so that you can kill them quickly.

So on the 2nd wave, you'll need to keep all your CDs to be able to start boss with all your skills.

Your first champion will need to:

  1. Reduce your opponent's turn counter (Lyssandra, Psylar, Deacon Armstrong, ...)
  2. Taunt or stun the opposing team (Dark Enchantress, Astralon, etc…)
  3. Kill the entire enemy team (Astralon, hurngig, Trunda, Rae, Gros Bill, etc., your starter (if you're just starting out).

Team 1 will then need damage and, for the rest of the fight, a charm or armor to prevent the boss from playing. Speed reduction is almost mandatory on the boss.

For team 2, the same.

For Team 3, all we need is champions who can reduce the boss's lap counter, and we're there.

Strong champion to reduce the rev counter of the boss :

  • Armory
  • Cold heart
  • Lyssandra


Avoid using champions with reaction accessories or perennial parade stuff.

My team:

  • Lyssandra to reduce the turn counter, chevalier cerf for break def, Coeur froid (with attack so that its A2 kills all enemies), Brogni (for waves), charme to reduce the turn counter.

When you pass the boss, go and comment on your team, stating the floor.



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6 comments on the discussion forum for "How to beat the boss Dark Fairy on Raid"

  1. Last level tower of misfortune Normal (floor 120):


    Doesn't always go by car, but often does. Arrive well with all skills loaded.

    SCYL, URSALA and BEUGLEUR lower the lap counter, DRENG and MORTUU strike

  2. Floor 40 in normal passed with:
    -Genbo the dishonored (lead) (lvl60);
    -Cold heart (lvl60);
    -Armorié (lvl50);
    -Armorié (lvl50);
    -Chevalier cerf (lvl50).

  3. 1. Yackarl (lead + freeze): Savage + Cruel
    2. Deacon Armstrong (manages ATB + break def): triple Perception
    3. Archmage Helmut (damage and speed boost + stun + ATB): 7 Protection
    4. Ronda (DPS waves and copies): Instinct
    5. Cold Heart (waves + copy finishing + reduces ATB of boss + DPS boss): triple Fatal
    team full auto td normal ultra low cost


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