The Raid Shadow Legends Battle Pass

Information about battle pass / shadow legends raid battle pass.

Released on 12/02/2020 with patch 1.13 (which we've all been waiting for), the battle pass offers a host of rewards.

We're going to list all the prizes up for grabs for F2P players as well as those taking the pass. As well as a calculation (thanks to the ChoseN tool) to see if it's worth it or not.

battle passHow does the battle pass work?

The free battle pass has 100 levels. Level 1 is free when you log in. Each level requires 10 battle pass pts to complete. (Except level 2 which is 20 pts because level 1 is free).

You'll receive 4 daily quests that earn you up to 20 BP per day.

Please note that you only have 56 days for the whole season, so if you miss too many quests you won't get the final rewards. The GOLD battle pass costs €27.99 (€15 per month). It unlocks an additional reward row in parallel with the free reward row.

These rewards will be unlocked along with the free ones as you progress. The final reward is a not-at-all-bad legendary. The paid pass also gives you the option of doing weekly quests, which can earn you a total of 60pts per week. This makes it easier for you to progress through the levels!

Currently, one of the missions is to collect daily rewards, but this is not retroactive, which can be problematic. They know this, and consider it a bug. This will soon be corrected! In short, you'll need no less than 1000 battle pass pts to reach the end of the rewards!

List of battle pass rewards :

For F2P players:

Sparkling invocations:

  • 4 antique chips
  • 1 shard of nothingness

Champion + Avatar:

  • Champion: Icefall Slayer (Rare)
  • Champion Avatar: Icefall Slayer
  • Champion: Peaudefer Bear (epic)
  • Champion Avatar: Ironskin Bear


  • 1 chicken 3*
  • 2 chickens 4*
  • 1 chicken 5*
  • 30 XP Infusions
  • 1 epic volume
  • 1 legendary volume
  • 5 Large Arcane Potions
  • 5 large magic potions
  • 5 Great Spirit Potions
  • 5 large strength potions
  • 5 great potions of nothingness
  • 2 superior arcane potions
  • 2 superior magic potions
  • 2 superior strength potions
  • 2 superior spirit potions
  • 2 potions superior to nothing

Artifact and glyph:

  • 1 Epic Stuff 5* attack
  • 1 epic stuff 5* life
  • 1 epic 5* speed stuff
  • 1 epic 6* attack stuff
  • 1 epic stuff 6* life
  • 1 epic 6* speed stuff
  • 1 legendary 6* attack stuff
  • 1 legendary stuff 6* life
  • 1 legendary 6* speed stuff
  • 1 Glyph of Strike 4*
  • 1 Glyph of Haste 4*


  • 21 Energy Refills
  • 5-day exp +100%
  • 10 keys for the BDC (boss clan)
  • 300 gems
  • 250,000 silver

For Gold pass players (Gold pass):

Sparkling invocations:

  • 5 antique chips
  • 2 shards of nothingness

Champion + Avatar:

  • Champion Banshee Gelée
  • Champion avatar: Frozen Banshee (Rare)
  • Champion: Wurlim King of Frost (legendary)
  • Champion Avatar: Frost King Wurlim
  • Champion: Chevalier Cerf (epic)
  • Champion Avatar: Stag Knight
  • Champion: Pile-Ice Bear (epic)
  • Champion Avatar: Icebreaker Bear


  • 2 epic volumes
  • 2 legendary volumes
  • 3 chickens 3*
  • 2 chicken 5*
  • 50 XP Infusions

Artifact and glyph:

  • 1 epic 6* divine speed stuff
  • 1 epic 6* divine life stuff
  • 1 epic 6* divine attack stuff
  • 1 legendary 6* divine speed stuff
  • 1 Legendary 6* Divine Life Stuff
  • 1 legendary 6* divine attack stuff
  • 1 Glyph of Strike 4*
  • 1 Glyphe de Vitalité 4* (Vitality glyph)
  • 1 Glyph of Haste 4*
  • 1 Glyph of Strike 5*
  • 1 Glyphe de Vitalité 5* (Vitality glyph)
  • 1 Glyph of Haste 5*
  • 1 Glyph of Strike 6*
  • 1 Glyphe de Vitalité 6* (Vitality Glyph)
  • 1 Glyph of Haste 6*


  • 3 +10% XP
  • 1 + 20% from XP
  • 1,000 gems
  • 1,000,000 silver
  • 9 days of XP +100%
  • 40 Energy Refills

Is the battle pass profitable?

Basically I wanted to use the ChoseN tool, EXCEPT that it's only for One Shoot offers so I'm not going to use it. If you want to use it, there are rewards not to count:

  •  XP bonuses + champions + 50 infusions + stuff + glyphs!

When you buy the pass and you have to farm, so be careful, it's not a One Shoot offer! So if you don't make it to the end, the rewards are lost.

What's also good is that it adds new missions, so for those who've done a bit of everything, there's something new to do. But we still don't know whether some missions will be boring or even difficult to complete, which could mean having to pay for the end of the battle pass.

In conclusion, I personally think it's still a good offer if you make it to the end, it adds challenge and all. But BE CAREFUL, because if some missions become complicated, it can be very difficult to get all the rewards, especially if you miss a few days of play!

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4 comments on the discussion forum for "The Raid Shadow Legends Battle Pass"

  1. Hello Alucare,
    Personally, I bought the gold pack 1 week before the end (43.99€ anyway…). As I had not read all the conditions of use, I had to do all week to finish the missions (I immediately received the loots of those already successful) and especially to use the last 25 potions during of the final night.
    It's a crazy boost, but it has its price. Some missions are achievable, but with ENORMOUS persistence. Better to have a good strategy. For example, placing 100 healing debuffs on the Fire Knight. You have to mount the right characters and choose the right level. Do not play automatically...

  2. Hello Alucare,
    does the battle pass still exist? If yes, could you indicate where and how to activate the battle pass? I've looked on mobile and PC and can't find it.


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