List of free gift codes on summoners wars

List of all free gift codes on Summoners Wars (SW)

It is possible to have free gift/promo/promo codes on Sumoners Wars to have free in-game bonuses and rewards. Please read the page carefully.


How to get free gift codes?

I invite you to join the discord: discord
Take the roles you want (the other games role is MANDATORY), then go to the mobile game selection room and take the SW role.

All codes will be displayed live via a bot :). All you have to do is enter the code as shown below and you're done.

So every time a new SW coupon code is released, you'll be notified within minutes. You won't miss ANY Withhive rewards.

How to enter a Summoners War code? Where to put Summoners War codes?

If you're using Android or IOS, the technique is different depending on your mobile.

Code for Android:

  • Go to your island
  • Click on EVENT (Pink gift)
  • Game guide tab
  • Enter your valid promo code here
  • You have to validate. Then you get your free rewards

(get your free Summoners War codes on the Server)

Code for IOS:

Click on the link while having the game open on IOS in the background (the link is on the discord).

You will have to scroll the discord a little to put the coupons still valid.

How to get Summoners War gems?

There may be gems in the gift codes so join the discord and stay tuned.

List of SWC output codes (valid from early 2021) :

(IOS links are on the discord)

FIRST CODE: Get 100 energy points + 1 Mystic Vellum! On Android: SWC20FINAAALE

SECOND CODE: Get 100,000 Mana + 1 Mystic Vellum! On Android: SWC20ENFORCE

List of other codes (which are no longer valid):

SWC20207777 1 VM and 50 stones + scroll

Summon Fighter


Seaauday2ok 100 energy and 100k mana (parchment) (note that the o is a letter)

Apacswcready: resources: 100 summoning stones (mystic vellum for summoning, crystals)

Summoners War Sky Arena Reward: Safari Monsters, Scroll Enough. Summoning Crystals

2020XIEXIESWC: 100K mana + 1VM + energy

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments 🙂 Share the page with your friends if you feel like it 🙂

Are Summoners War Sky Arena and Lost Centuria codes also shown.

For SW Sky Arena, the codes are all there. For the Lost Centuria codes, there are far fewer; it's especially for Sky Arena that there are many.

There are no other sites currently that offer tips to notify you of new codes without charging you, so join the discord server.

The list of possible promotional rewards and coupons :

Get one of its withhive rewards, guide and tip.

Reward list :

  • Invocation of mystic vellum
  • Stones
  • crystals
  • parchment
  • Energy
  • Resources (mana)


This new page aims to help you (players and summoners) get one or more free rewards with one or more promotional codes.

Valid promotional information and tips are on the server discord, rewards and promo for players.

If this article on Summoners War Sky Arena has helped you, don't hesitate to share it with your friends and especially the server discord!

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Withhive (game creator)

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