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Roblox promo code for Zombie Uprising

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Roblox codes for the game Zombie Uprising
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Game name: Zombie Uprising
Game creator: USSF - United States Special Forces
Gender : fight
Creation date : 02/05/2020

Other info:

Name of the game in English:
Number of favourites: 3 085 637
Age of the game : All ages
Last code date: 06/05/2024
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Zombie Uprising roblox code list available

Here you can find the complete list of roblox codes for the game: Zombie Uprising
august2021 5k Cash
bugs2021 5k Cash
melee 5k Cash
february 2020 5k Cash
summer 2020 5k Cash
shotguns 5k Cash
shutdown 2.5k Cash
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Expired Zombie Uprising roblox codes list

Here is the list of all expired codes (which are no longer useful)
update_v1 5,000 cash

How to activate the code for Zombie Uprising

  • Open the game, then click on the "Chat" icon located on the top left of the screen.
  • In the text box on the new window that opens, enter the codes as shown on the list above.
  • Click on the "Enter" button to be immediately rewarded in the game.

Information about Zombie Uprising

Zombie Uprising is a fighting game developed by USSF (United States Special Forces) available on Roblox. The game is set against a backdrop of chaos where waves of revenant zombies seek to invade the world of Roblox, and devour the brains of its inhabitants. The objective in this game is to eliminate them all to prevent them, by making a weapon of mass destruction.

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