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Roblox promo code for Last Pirates game

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Roblox codes for Last Pirates game
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Game name: Last Pirates
Game creator: Last EXE
Gender : Every kind
Creation date : 01/02/2021

Other info:

Name of the game in English:
Number of favourites: 144 590
Age of the game :
Last code date: 08/05/2024
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Last Pirates roblox code list available

Here you can find the complete list of roblox codes for the game: Last Pirates
FixBug Reset Stats
BigUpdate 5 LP
NewWorld Stat Reset
bleak 50k money
KongPoop Stat Reset
Bleak_fat Stat Reset
Event 5 LP
Chxmei 10k Beli
UPDATE2 Stat Reset
5Chiba 20k Money
Update 5 LP
Greed 10 LP
Checkmate Stat Reset
Code 25,000 Cash
Snappy 25,000 Cash
111KFav Stat Reset
100KFav Stat Reset
NEOGAMING 10 Heart Gems
FreeCandy 10 Candy Canes
80KFAV 50,000 Cash
30KLIKES Reset Stats
BUMBY 10 Candy
Shutdown Reset Stats
HappyHalloween!! 10 Candy
Update!! 5 LP
yy0rk 10,000 Cash
GUIDE1985 10,000 Cash
RESET Reset Stats
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Last Pirates roblox expired code list

Here is the list of all expired codes (which are no longer useful)

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How to activate the Last Pirates game code

  • Open the game, then click on the Twitter icon located at the bottom left.
  • In the text box on the new window that opens, enter the codes as shown in the list above, respecting the special characters as well as upper and lower case.
  • Click on the “Activate” button to be immediately rewarded in the game.

Information about Last Pirates

Last Pirates is a Roblox mini game developed by Last EXE. The game is about exploring the seas to find devil fruits that appear every hour and reappear every 15 minutes.

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