Franc-Tireur guide and advice on Lost Ark

Franc-Tireur guide and advice on Lost Ark

Written by : Scudik


Welcome to this guide to the maverick. The maverick is one of the most fragile classes in the game. With good mobility and excellent dps, his gameplay is demanding, but he makes it worth your while.

Often compared to the female version, the maverick is more optimized in the use of the shotgun or pistols if he takes the other engraving.
The maverick's identity lies in his ability to switch weapons, juggling pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles.

It provides the group with a Debuff that increases critical chance.
His first burn will have him juggling weapons to accumulate bonuses. The second will limit him to pistols for bonuses on these only.

ENGRAVING 1: Improved weapon

Improved weapon increases your critical strike chance by 20/25/30% for 9s after a weapon change. This engraving makes for dynamic gameplay, encouraging you to use your 3 styles.

Shotgun blasts benefit from attack bonuses in the back, so maverick positioning is very important.

The typical gameplay of a maverick with an enhanced weapon will therefore be to place his pistol shots for the critical debuff:


Switch to pump to do heavy damage:

Go over with the spray gun to temporize a little with

then debuff crit and switch to sniper rifle with

Typical example of tripods:

For your characteristics, focus on specialization to increase the damage of your pump shots, you're free to choose between critical or speed in secondary.

ENGRAVING 2: Gunslinger

The Pistolier specialization removes the use of shotguns and sniper rifles and concentrates on pistols.

While this specialization was often disparaged in previous versions of the game, it is now totally viable, and many Koreans use it at the highest level of the game.

Gameplay-wise, it's simpler, the class is more mobile, no longer dependent on attacks from behind, and what you lose in theoretical dps, you gain in practice. The main thing is to maintain your critical debuff and be very active.

Here is a typical example of tripods in the Pistolier special:

In terms of characteristics, you'll be able to mount mainly the specialty for critical damage gain, and as a secondary, mount the critics, or the speed if you feel the need.




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