Guide and advice from the Fusilier on Lost Ark

Guide and advice from La Fusilière on Lost Ark

Written by: Kiritot60


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Welcome to our Lost Ark Fusilière guide! We'll cover everything you need to know about reading the class in PvE content.

Rifleman is an advanced class of the Shooter archetype, focusing on its unique class mechanism of having three different weapons: Shotgun, Pistol and Sniper. It's considered one of the most difficult classes to play, as you need to know how to switch weapons at the right moment to maximize your damage, but it's also one of the most rewarding when played correctly. Here's everything you need to know about the Rifleman in Lost Ark PvE.

Guide Leveling Fusilière
Leveling in Lost Ark is more of a tutorial for the class than anything else, and you'll have a fairly fluid experience doing just about anything. However, having said that, there are a few things you can do to optimize your experience during your leveling phase.

To maximize damage when leveling, you should concentrate all your skill points on the following skills:

Although these are the recommended skills, you can level up with just about anything. The most important thing for the Rifleman is that you choose a good AoE and a good single-target skill, which will enable you to eliminate all forms of enemy quickly.

Lost Ark Rifleman Wallpaper

Better PvE Gunslinger engraving and stat priority
Gunslinger has two powerful class-specific engravings that have a significant impact on the class's play style. They are: Peacemaker and Hunting Time.

Peacemaker gives additional effects for a limited time when switching weapons, giving the pistol attack speed, shotgun critical hit damage and shotgun raw damage. Meanwhile, hunting time increases the critical hit chance of the pistol and shotgun, but removes the use of the shotgun.

Both are viable engravings, each orienting the class towards different styles of play. Peacekeeper focuses on high damage at close range with the shotgun, while hunting time is a little simpler and safer, as it's played from a distance.

As such, the class offers two distinct play styles divided according to these mechanisms. However, a version focusing on hunting time also uses Pacificateur, making it one of the few versions to use both class-specific engravings.

Peacemaker stats priority: Critical and Specialization (at a 70/30 ratio)

Hunting stats priority: Specialization and Critical (50/50 ratio)

Best Peacemaker Engravings

  1. Backfire
  2. Peacemaker (Level 1)
  3. Sharp Weapon
  4. Master of ambush
  5. Adrenalin
  6. Soul capture

Best Engravings for Hunting Hour

  1. Backfire
  2. hunt time(level 1)
  3. Peacemaker (Level 2)
  4. Sharp Weapon
  5. Cursed doll
  6. Adrenalin

Small example of my character in Peacekeeper:


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