Paladin's guide and advice on Lost Ark

Paladin's guide and advice on Lost Ark

Written by : Scudik


Welcome to the Paladin guide. The Paladin is one of the game's two support classes. Their role is to provide defensive support spells, such as shields, damage-reduction spells and a little healing, and also to boost their comrades with skills that boost attack power, increase the damage received by enemies, or their aura, which increases the damage inflicted by the whole team.

The paladin is a highly sought-after class, and even if it's not indispensable (no class is), its contribution to the group is more than enough to justify its place.

He has very good basic defense, being of the warrior archetype, and his mobility isn't too bad thanks to the features and skills you use with him.

The class plays on a mix of melee and sacred magic skills. All these skills charge the faith gauge, which then allows him to trigger a support aura or his personal damage buff. As a result, the paladin adapts well to single-player content, even if he is a support.


If, on the other hand, your aim is to turn the paladin into a DPS warrior of light, I strongly advise against it. The first engraving is for the support, the second will serve as a supplement in the support, or for the game's single-player content.

ENGRAVING 1: Aura of Blessing :

The aura of blessing applies to your aura, your second identity skill.

With this engraving, you complete your support role with what you've been missing: healing. The basic aura confers +10% damage to your allies. With Aura of Blessing, your group recovers 2% of your maximum HP per tic (1.5s per tic) and protection up to 20% of damage reduction.

The second major contribution of the support paladin is its second awakening:

. It is unlocked after finishing the Rohendel zone. This skill generates a huge amount of faith gauge (if you hit with it) and gives your group a shield of 80% of the casting paladin's HP for 10s. That's why you'll want the Awakening engraving on your accessories, so you can cast it much more often.

Alongside these two behemoths, the support paladin will rely on indispensable skills.
In yellow skills, you must play :

From left to right:
Shield of faith: a group shield that absorbs the equivalent of 20% of the paladin's HP over 6s.
Guardian angel and hand of heaven: 2 boost spells that increase the attack power of your allies. They are not cumulative and are therefore used alternately.
Rufeon's word: 1 One-time protection spell, which reduces the damage taken by your allies by 70% for 3s.

In blue skills, you must play :

From left to right:
A counter-attack technique that knocks an enemy to the ground if well placed (a counter-attack is placed face-on, on an enemy making an attack that gives it a blue aura).
A charge giving it + mobility.

In addition to these 6 buttons, you can add 2 skills of your choice, providing you with + imbalance, + destruction of weak points, + reduction of damage taken, + gauge generation.

Here is an example of a Paladin support build:

In terms of characteristics, you'll want to focus on speed, so you can collect spells faster, have them cast faster and move faster. And you'll complement this with specialization to increase the speed at which you gain gauge, and the buff power of your aura. The balance between the two features is up to you.


ENGRAVING 2: Judgment:

The second engraving enhances your personal identity skills:

Warrior of Light. Thanks to judgment, Warrior of Light lasts twice as long, the damage of your sword skills increases by up to +25% and your faith gauge rises twice as fast with these skills.

This engraving can be of interest in support, just at level 1 to speed up the rate at which you recover your identity skill if you play enough blue skills. Otherwise, it's mainly useful when you're on your own.

As mentioned above, the paladin will never hit as hard as a dps class in the same situation. If you want to use this engraving solo, however, it's a very good idea, as it will make it easier for you to complete the content, especially if you combine it with other dps engravings.

In terms of skills, we advise you to use the typical example of a build for chaos dungeons, such as this one:




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