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How to get started with Lost Ark.

Welcome to the Lost Ark Guide

Introducing Lost Ark:

Lost Ark is an MMO Action-RPGit borrows from the hack'n'slash genre a 3D isometric top view, and offers a fast gameplay and dynamic.

With over 21 classes (15 on departure from the European exit) to choose from, all kinds of statistics, one 25-30 hour long adventure in the middle of a beautiful world.

Don't panic, this guide is here to help you!

If it's a levelling guide you're looking for, this is it: leveling guide.

Choice of class, which class to choose?

There are several classes and types of champions, so which is the best class to start with?

Lost ark lets you choose from several major archetypes:

  • Warrior
  • Martialists
  • Magi
  • Shooters
  • killers
  • Specialists (currently unavailable).

And each of these archetypes has its own specializations. To help you choose, here's an overview of the 15 starting classes:

The Warriors :

Classes that are generally tougher than average, with heavy armor, ideal for those who like big weapons and value survival over mobility. This is a Melee archetype, but one that does not exclude magic and has a severe penchant for brutality.

The Berserker:

berserker lost ark

His name is usually enough to explain his role: the berserker is a brutal warrior, capable of going into a rage and decimating hordes of enemies with his enormous sword. The berserker is quite sturdy, and that's to be expected, since slow animations will regularly force him to take blows. When he goes into a rage, his slowness disappears and he lets loose. If you play him, you'll have to learn to manage his bursts and temporize.

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The Paladin:

Paladin Lost ark

A support class, the paladin is there first and foremost to support his allies, but be warned: the big sword he carries isn't there for show, because what better way to repel a demon invasion than with a sword blessed by light? The paladin is the companion who will improve defenses, heal a little and boost the abilities of all his allies to make mincemeat of his enemies. Whether solo or with others, it's the combination of magic and sword attacks that wins the day!

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The gunslinger:

Gunner Lost Ark
The pistolancier is the team's tank. No one in Arkesia has better defenses than he. And while he's got a big shield to protect himself and his allies, he's also got a spear that's... a... cannon... The pistolancier takes it, and returns the favor to his enemies. His cannon-charged attacks are devastating, while his shield and protection spells protect the whole team.

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Efficient in the control of their energy, martialists, masters of the martial arts, use their fists and feet as lethal weapons as conventional ones. They are melee classes, often highly mobile and well-balanced in defense and offense.

The essentialist and the elementalist:

lost ark essentialistthe elemental lost ark

Male and female versions of the same class, with minor differences (engraving and 6 different skills). Essentialists and Elementalists are hand-to-hand classes who use their chakras and the power of the elements for devastating attacks. Building up energy and releasing it in powerful attacks is their specialty. These are rather mobile, lively and well-balanced classes. At high level, the elementalist distinguishes himself by offering better boosts to his comrades, while the essentialist inflicts more explosive damage but will need to delay a little longer.

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The pugilist:

pugilist lost ark
The pugilist is, as the name suggests, a punching machine. The character is hyper-mobile, capable of inflicting very violent blows or strafing the opponent like your favorite anime characters. Untiring, his fast blows fuel his slower, more violent ones, and conversely, his powerful blows provide him with the resources to get going again. MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA.

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The spiritualist:

The spiritualist lost ark

La spirite is the incarnation of a Dragon Ball super sayan. She's super-mobile, capable of mid-range and hand-to-hand combat. She uses her KI to generate all kinds of powerful techniques, including fireballs and volleys of punches. But these techniques cost her a lot of energy. To be able to use them more often, she goes into trance like a super sayan. Her power level? Over 9000 of course.

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The Magi:

It's hard to make an MMO without them: mages aren't the strongest, nor are they the most mobile. But mages are definitely spectacular classes. Whether they're reinforcing their allies or blowing things up, they're the ones you call when you need fireworks.

The Bard:

The Bard is the support par excellence. Like the Paladin, she'll give you everything: shields, healing and power boosts, all while playing music. It's thanks to her companions that she'll kill the Boss, but it's thanks to her that they'll be alive to talk about it. Never underestimate her, for the sound of a string is enough to devastate armies.

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The Lost Ark Witch
The witch is the absolute mistress of the elements. Fire, wind, ice, lightning, she possesses them all and will destroy her enemies with spectacular effects. The Witch is unrivalled when it comes to casting long-range spells, and this is her strength, as she has no real defense to protect herself.

The shooters:

Heroes armed to the teeth. When the army sets up an operation, they're the ones they call in to train the troops, right? They're the kind of guys who'd drink a can of gasoline just so they could piss on your campfire. These guys, you dump them at the North Pole, on an ice floe with a bathing suit and no toothbrush, and tomorrow afternoon you'll see them standing by your pool, grinning from ear to ear and with their pockets stuffed with pesos. These guys are professionals.


Gunner Lost Ark

The gunner is the most heavily armed class of shooters. Their attacks need preparation, but when they hit, there's not much left of the target. The Gunner is one of the game's strongest classes, but also one of the least mobile.

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La fusilière et franc-tireur :

rifleman lost arkmaverick lost ark
Riflemen and snipers fight with a veritable arsenal in their hands. With pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles, these two highly mobile classes juggle their weapons to suit the situation. Where the riflewoman will easily pick up the sniper to kill her enemies at long range, the sniper will take things "close and personal" with his pump-action shotgun. With these two classes, you'll need nimble fingers to draw first, but the game is worth the candle!

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The relentless salvo:

relentless salvo lostark

The relentless salvo or Hawkeye is an archer, an obvious reference to the Avengers, with more than one arrow in his quiver! The hawkeye is a very agile, mobile but fragile class. It's up to you to place your powerful shots to hit your enemies without them being able to shoot back.

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The assassins :

Of all the classes, welcome to those who have decided not to waste time with honor and bravery. Assassins don't mess around, but they get the job done.

The demonist:

warlock lost ark

The demoness has given up part of her humanity to gain power. And what better way to break demons than with demonic energy? Demonists can transform themselves into demons or channel this energy into their weapons. She is the toughest of assassins, with numerous ranged spells and melee attacks.

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The sanguelame, a skilled bretatrice, draws on dark energies to link spells to her longsword blows. The sanguelame is a mobile class capable of leaping behind her enemies' backs to ensnare them in a deluge of spells. She's fragile, but so are her enemies.

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Lost Ark Game Tips:

lost ark loot chest

At launch you will receive many loot chests (especially if you have taken the founders packs).

These chests can have loot to choose from or random loot:

Never open a safe with a choice. Save them for when you know how to use them, and see what loot is available. If you don't know, put it aside.

lost ark random loot

You'll receive a wide range of potions, but during the adventure you should only use potions with a fixed value:
Keep the potions in % for endgame content, as they will be the only ones usable there.

Lost Ark Healing Potion

Join a guild! Don't play alone! You can find people to play with you on our streams:


Or on the Mundr discord:

You can follow our leveling guide:

Lost Ark Game FAQ:

When is Lost Ark due to be released?

The game is scheduled for release in Europe and the USA on February 11, 2022. February 8 if you have pre-ordered a Founder's Pack.

Cékoilejeu, sorry, what is this game?

Lost ark is an MMO with a hack n slash (3D isometric) view. This view allows you to create breathtaking scenery and numerous visual effects, while requiring very little power from your machine.

The game is developed by Smilegate, a Korean independent studio, and was released by them in 2018. Amazon is in charge of publishing it here. Amazon can't modify the game or its content, apart from a few permissions that Smilegate gives them, concerning monetization for example.

But is it an MMO or an H&S?

These definitions are probably yours. The game is presented as a massively multiplayer action rpg. You'll find all the usual MMORPG content: dungeons, raids, crafting, housing, collecting, PVP and a scripted adventure.


Are there heals and tanks?

No. Not really. Lost Ark doesn't rely on a trinity for its content; you can do anything with a wide variety of compositions. There are, however, 2 (for the time being) support classes whose low personal participation is offset by the support spells they bring to the group.

Some characters will be stronger or more fragile than others, so you'll probably find an archetype you're looking for. But in Lost Ark, we're all here to break demons, and no character will be summed up as "tank" or "healer".

Is the game Free to Play?

Yes, totally. You can do all the content you want without spending a penny.

Is the game Pay to Win?

It all depends on how you define p2w. To put it simply, the economic system can be described in 3 sentences:

  • All the game's content can be done without paying.
  • A late player may pay a suitable sum to partially catch up.
  • A player can pay a colossal sum (several smics) to have a tiny chance of gaining a slight temporary advantage over a free-to-play player.

Are there any META classes or undesirable classes in PvE?

The game's classes are very balanced and closely monitored by Smilegate. We can't stop people from creating their own a-priori, or from tossing out highly subjective, frivolous tier lists. All the game's content is feasible for all classes, provided you invest enough time in the character and content concerned.

Are there any META classes or undesirable classes in PvP?

The game is currently less balanced in PvP than it is in PvE. Smilegate intends to use data from current tournaments to remedy this. However, the meta is very varied in ranked games, since entries are solo. Each class will have its good and bad matchups, and your best way to progress will be to master your character.

I play little, will I have fun on the game?

Yes, of course. There's a limit to the amount of content you can do on a daily and weekly basis. You kind of define for yourself how much you want to do. That said, this is a Korean MMO, so if you play very little, you'll obviously fall behind other players, or the release of new content. It's up to you to accept your own pace of progress.

I play a lot, what's there to do on the game?

You'll have raids, dungeons to do for each character every week, and on a daily basis, chaos dungeons, guardians, collecting, island events, world boss etc. You're limited for each of these activities to a certain number of times per day, or per week. But by creating and managing several characters, you can extend your playing time, and your secondary characters can contribute to the progression of your main character.

But can't I play just one character?

You can, but your progress will be greatly slowed. Everything you do on your secondary characters will increase your account level, bring in components and resources, and thus contribute to the evolution of your main character.

Is there PvP?

Yes, the game offers a bit of open pvp, in the form of islands that can be controlled by guilds or offer competitive events, and it mainly features instanced, arena-based combat.
You can play with or without friends in 3v3, 6-way free-for-all, team duel (in the form of King of the Mountain). Or you can even go solo in ranked 3v3 and try to climb the ranks to earn cosmetic rewards.

Is PvP P2W?

Absolutely not. For open pvp, which is practiced with your PvE equipment, I invite you to reread the 6th question.
For PvP In Arena, all players must create their build on a dedicated page, so they all have the same number of characteristics and skill points and are therefore perfectly equal.


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