Discord nitro free with Festive mode? Success Answers!


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Festive mode Discord, help and answer of the successes to have the free nitro!

How to get the achievements of the Festive mode Discord? We tell you everything!

Discord launch Festive mode to celebrate their 7th anniversary! A free nitro discord for those who do everything???

Activate Party Mode:

You have to go to the settings, if you don't have it, you have to update your discord!

Click here to get your gift

Party mode achievements with responses:

My advice : 

Do it with one of your friends in private or on a dedicated discord server, send him this page so that he can do it at the same time as you (because that way you will be able to unlock each other with one of the mention missions 🙂 )

Always more !

Increase shaking intensity in settings.

Restart to see?

Disable and re-enable party mode

Happy Birthday !

Combo multiplier x7

Just tag people (do it to friends in private haha)

Received 5 out of 5

5x combo multiplier

Just tag people (do it to friends in private haha)

power four

Combo multiplier X4

Just tag people (do it to friends in private haha)

Elite member:

Make a combo of 1337 characters (spamming A's)

One day I'll make the best combos

Make an 898 character combo (spamming A's)

The Club of Five

Make a combo of 555 characters (spamming A's)

Two birds with one stone

Do a 430 character combo (spamming A's)

Animation fans:

Make a combo of 113 characters (spamming A's)

80s pop

Make a 99-character combo (spamming A's)

Time travel :

Make an 88-character combo (spamming A's)

Will you still need me?

Make a 64-character combo (spamming A's)

Fan of the character creation screen

Customize confetti in settings

*Notification sound Discord*

Receive a notification with your nickname (ask a friend and send him this link!)

Are you looking for me?

@mention someone (and give them this link to explain haha)

A real headache!

Achieve a combe score of 2048!

If you can't make 2048, look further down the page!

Double count word:

Combo multiplier X2

it works this thing ?

Activate party mode

To get free nitro:

For those who haven't done 2048, you can do a x2 combo and do 1024 for example!

Click here to get your gift!

To get your Nitro! Just click here (you have to switch from the voice and video tab to the party mode tab to get it! )

You have to do it by spamming because it's one person every 100. So it comes down to 0, on average if you do it 100 times you'll get it 🙂

Then click on:

Click again click here to get your gift

And here you have the video of the ultimate troll ^^.

Thank you discord for this little troll 🙂 In the meantime go tell your friends to do it too to see their reaction! And share this link to help them!

Go share it with your friends! With this link 😉 And tell me their reaction!


For those who want to find help on discord (bot and how to write in color: )

To get free nitro by testing games on this server 😉 And we're not a Discord troll to send to the never give up video!

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