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The Refractory Finger is a multiplayer object in Elden Ring. It allows players to interact with each other in a variety of ways, including leaving messages for other players to read, cooperative play and competitive play such as PVP.

Image of the Refractory Finger in Elden Ring :

Refractory Finger Descriptions:

Online game object.
(This item can also be used in the Multiplayer menu.)

You attempt to invade another player's world. If successful, your goal as an Invader (Difficult) will be to defeat the Host of the Fingers of this world.

Hooked finger covered with snake scales. An inheritance from the lord of Volcano Manor passed down to the Shinless who befriended him.

Item name: "Recusant Finger

Refractory Finger locations in Elden Ring :

Where to find refractory finger:

  • You'll find it on a table in every room at Manoir du Volcan.

How to use the Refractory Finger in Elden Ring?

  • Using the refractory finger, you can attempt to invade another player's world.
  • Having successfully invaded, the invader's goal is to eliminate the host from the world.
  • If the invader succeeds in killing the host, or if the host dies while the invader is present, the invader is rewarded with 1xrunic bow and 1xCured Fingers Remedy, in addition to runes.
  • If, on the other hand, the invader fails and dies during the invasion, he will drop his runes as if he had died in his own world (runes previously lying on the ground before the invasion will be permanently lost).

Further information on the Refractory Finger

  • If the invader enters a boss arena, he is sent back to his own world.
  • He doesn't need to deliver the fatal blow to the world's host. If he is simply present in the world when the host dies, the invasion will be considered a success.
  • Invaders are perceived as allies by normally hostile enemy NPCs. This can be used to even out battles against hosts with many summoned players.
  • If the host dies shortly after being killed as an invader, the invasion will be considered a success and the invader will then be rewarded and lose no rune.
  • After have killed all them players invoked, we will receive of the runes more.

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