What are the most watched movies in the world?

Measuring the number of views of a work is crucially important for every film production house. These numbers of views depend on the writing, the scenarios, the special effects, and even the choice of the actors of a film. We will see in this article, the top five most watched movies in the world. You can, from this list, look for it if one of these films has never passed before your eyes.

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How to count the number of views?

After “HBO” by Warner Bros. Discovery created by Charles Dolan, Netflix has taken over in recent decades even if the two channels have the same concept. It is indisputable to affirm that these two cinema giants each have their place in the world and dominate the cinema market. Following this exponential hegemony of Netflix, it has become the unit of measurement for the number of views of films today.

Thanks to its global scale, Netflix is, at the moment, the number one choice for film production houses. Therefore, we will count and rank the most watched movies in the world from its number of views on Netflix.

Without exceeding the first 28 days of publication, the number of views is measured from the number of hours spent on a feature film on the Netflix platform.

Top 5 most-watched movies with synopses

Spenser Confidential

Spenser tops our top 10 with 197.3 million hours.

Tired of seeing the injustices reigning before his eyes, Spenser, a former police officer, mustered the courage to ensure that justice was done. His actions did not please certain groups of people and they rushed after him.

6 Underground

A Michael Bay film, this film has reached 205.47 million hours on Netflix.

A film played mainly by 6 people of different origins. They were chosen because of their common desire to change the future by erasing the past.

The Kissing Booth 2

Its official release was in 2018, and has already reached 209.25 million hours.
A romantic film directed by Vince Marcello which tells the story of a young girl trying to apply to universities time and time again. Apart, Elle (the lead actress) weaves, as she virtually hangs out with Noah, her relationship with Lee.

The Irishman

A film by Robert De Niro which has been a hit, with more than 214.57 million hours.

Franck Sheeran, a former American soldier of the Second World War, becomes a killer after collaborating with emerging public figures. Afterwards, he infiltrated a political party and revealed some secrets of mafia organizations.


Finally, Unforgivable, with its 214.70 million hours, is in fifth place in our top 5. This film was released on November 24, 2021

The society in which Ruth Slater lived refused to take him on as a new person after his release from prison. His only refuge was his reunion with one of his sisters.

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