Where to find the diamonds in Subnautica?


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As you play through Subnautica, you'll start to see a resource appear in various crafting recipes. Indeed, these resources are diamonds. If you haven't explored too much, then you won't have any idea where you'll find it. In addition, the map of Subnautica is very large. To his great news, diamonds are as common as Subnautica's other precious resources. These diamonds are found on various surfaces, they are also located on specific places. Thanks to this guide, you will have the chance to discover the locations of the diamonds. A real treasure hunt and a discovery. Here we go !

Diamonds below zero

In general, diamonds are found in deeper places. To find them, you must have a SeaTruck. The latter will allow you to descend in depth (that is to say below 200 meters). The SeaTruck must remain there for an extended period.

In the deeper part of the biome, other diamonds can be found there. In the hydrothermal vents that litter the region for example. In addition, you will find walls of vents. They can simply pick themselves up and add to your inventory.

We present below what the other slots of the diamond contain:

  • An Arctic Spores or ore veins;
  • The Crystal Caves;
  • A delta island;
  • Eastern Arctic;
  • The Glacial Basin;
  • Thermal coils;
  • Arrows of trees;
  • Western Arctic.

In sum, diamonds aren't as easy to find in other places as they are in the deep end of Twisty Bridges. However, they are still there. This guide will help you discover likely locations for diamonds in Subnautica.


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