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Mastery, grace and artifact guide on Naïs Voleur d'Ombres ( Nais the Shadowthief) on RSL
Last name Naïs Voleur d'Ombres (Nais the Shadowthief)
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Masters  Mastery for : Naïs Shadow Thief
Graces Graces for : Naïs Voleur d'Ombres
Mastery, grace and artifact guide on Naïs Voleur d'Ombres ( Nais the Shadowthief) on RSL
Champion image : Naïs Voleur d'Ombres ( Nais the Shadowthief) on Raid Shadow Legends


NAME: Naïs Shadow Thief
FACTION: Sylvan Watchers
SCARCITY: Mythical
ROLE: Attack, Support

Total Stats (6 Stars)

Health points (HP): 19980
Attack (ATK): 1663
Defense (DEF): 859
Speed (SPD): 105
Critical Rate (C. Rate): 15%
Crit Damage (C. DMG): 63%
Resistance (RESIST): 30
Precision (PRÉ): -1

Battle of the

Campaign :☆☆☆☆
Faction Crypt:?
Arena defense:
Arena attack:
Clan Boss:
Hydra :


Minotaur's Labyrinth :
Spider's lair:
Castle of the Fire Knight :
The dragon's lair:
Ice Golem Peak:
Fort Jumeaux de Fer :☆☆☆
Demon Necropolis:☆☆☆
Shogun Wood:☆☆


Wave Tower of Woe:?
Magma Dragon:✔️
Frost Spider:✔️
Spider of nothingness (poison):👍
Scarab :?

(Doom Tower)

Dragon Eternel :✔️
Griffon :?
Dark Fairy :👍
Secret room :?
Annotations :
"Mandatory - Strongly recommended = ✔️
Usable - recommended = 👍
Unusable - not recommended =
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Skills of : Naïs Shadow Thief

A1 = Perce-tout

Attack an enemy. Will ignore buffs [Shield], [Invincible] and [Block Damage].

  • Level 2 Damage +20%

Damage based on : ATQ, HP
Multiplier: 0.26*PV+1.2*ATK

A2 = Black feather dam | CD = 4 turns

Attacks all enemies. This attack will not trigger counter-attacks and ignores buffs. [Shield].

Also steals 20 % of each enemy's Turn Counter. Enemies with more than 50 % of Turn Counter cannot resist this effect.

  • Level 2 Damage +15%
  • Level 3 Recharge time -1


Damage based on : ATQ, HP
Multiplier: 0.3*PV+1.85*ATK

A3 = Thief's omen | CD = 3 turns

Attacks an enemy. Inflicts twice as much damage on Bosses.

Destroys the target's MAX HP and reduces its ATQ, DEF, VIT, RÉS and PRÉ by 10 % when this Champion hits them with this skill for the first time. This effect does not work against Bosses.

Also increases this Champion's MAX HP, ATQ, DEF, VIT, RES and PRE by 10 % each time this Champion reduces enemy stats with this skill.

Finally, place a debuff [Resuscitation block] if the target is killed by this skill.

  • Level 2 Damage +20%


Damage based on : ATQ, HP
Multiplier: (!Si Boss*(0.47PV+2.5ATQ))+(Si Boss*(0.94PV+5ATQ))

A4 = Metamorphic | CD = 4 turns

Switches this Champion to its alternative Form. Then grants an extra turn.



[P] Sparkling savior | CD = 4 turns

Inflicts 5 % more damage for every 10 % of HP lost by the target.

Also prevents the Champion's death and keeps him alive with 1 HP when struck by a fatal blow, then switches him to his Alternate Form.

HP Aura:

Increases HP in all battles by 35

Which artifacts / set for : Naïs Voleur d'Ombres ( Nais the Shadowthief)

Artifacts BEFORE sets! Always the most important thing to know! We explain it in real detail in the ebook available here:

Which set for : Naïs Shadow Thief

Set of equipment that I advise you on the champion: (Finishing a set is a bonus, not an obligation)
  • Speed, Critical Damage, Critical Rate

Which statistics should I look for first? Naïs Shadow Thief

Priority of stats and sub-stats of artifacts:
    • Weapon (Attack)
    • Helmet (HP)
    • Shield (Defense)
    • Gloves (Critical Rate, Critical Damage)
    • Torso (ATK%)
    • Boots (Speed)
    • Ring ()
    • Amulet (ATQ)
    • Banner (ATK)

Mastery levels for Naïs Voleur d'Ombres ( Nais the Shadowthief)

What you need to know about master's degrees.

We give you advice on mastery. These master's degrees will help you in 95 % of cases, but you have to try to understand why a particular choice was made. The best thing would be to understand why certain masteries have been recommended to you, so that you can modify 1 or 2 masteries in your choice according to your needs.

Which Grace for Naïs Voleur d'Ombres ( Nais the Shadowthief)?

We advise you :
  • miraculous care miraculous care

Story of Naïs Voleur d'Ombres

Naïs, before becoming the Shadow Thief, was a master archer who invented many techniques still in use almost a thousand years later. Huge shield walls, tiny rifts and thick armor were no match for his lightning-fast shots and pinpoint accuracy.

But Naïs himself suffered from a terrible weakness: he adored fine finery and luxury, and used his authority as a leading Sylvan Guard, as well as unrestricted access to account books and treasuries, to steal and swindle. His constant thirst for new treasures led him to steal the great archives of the Sylvan capital, nestled among the colossal roots of the first Heart Tree.

There, Naïs discovered treasures he had only dreamed of: weapons made of solid lightning, diadems adorned with jewels and the shoots of trees that would bear fruit of solid gold. Among all this was an enormous, mysterious corvid skull, engraved with a glyph that Naïs was unable to decipher. The object caught his eye and he surreptitiously removed it from its wooden pedestal. As soon as he touched it, the glyph emitted a soft blue light, and his fate was sealed.

Naïs heard a voice in her head, harsh and hoarse, but strangely compelling. It introduced itself as the Count of Sparkling Metal, a fairy lord Being who was going through a difficult time. The Count, his voice quavering with grief, told Naïs that petty, jealous rivals had torn his body to pieces and butchered him, before binding his spirit to the skull in Naïs' hands. Sparkling Metal, discerning Naïs' penchant for theft from the circumstances of their meeting, promised to enhance Naïs' senses, and grant her incredible stealth and hypervigilance to match her exceptional archery skills, provided Naïs fled with the skull and kept it by her side.

Naïs knew that most Fairy Beings are manipulative and capricious, but his greed prevailed and he left the archives with the skull. True to his promise, the Count strengthened Naïs by his mere proximity. Naïs snatched earrings from the ears of noble Elves as they dined, rings from the fingers of sleeping princes and precious exotic plant buds from the flower guards of the Heart Tree. Not even the Vermilion Chamber, the Sylvans' elite order of witch-hunters, could apprehend her. As the bond between Naïs and the Count grew stronger with each flight, so did the Count's mental domination. Naïs himself changed, adopting increasingly light, twirling movements, and began to rest in the treetops. Soon, Naïs became obsessed with the skull and where it lay, even attaching it to his head as a headdress so he'd always have it with him. He thought he had everything under control. He was deluding himself.

This feeling changed when Naïs looted a Yakai armory filled with a collection of antique weapons and armor. Despite his supernaturally enhanced skills, guards and their dogs arrived en masse, stabbed him repeatedly and almost tore him to pieces. But then, with a brilliant flash of the rune-skull's soft blue light, the Count of Sparkling Metal took control of Naïs. The Elf's body deformed and grew, and a flood of magical energy repelled the dogs and blinded their masters. When the light faded, an enormous monstrous being, half-robin half-Elf, stood there, with enormous talons and limbs covered in long feathers.

The mighty Count slaughtered everyone, and Naïs' wounds closed themselves as the blood of her enemies fell on them. Métal étincelant then stole absolutely every shiny thing he could find, ripping off trinkets that Naïs would never have bothered to take with her, even the polished buckles of dead guards' uniforms. Back in the Misty Woods, the Count felt his control over Naïs waning, but he knew that with each subsequent transformation, his hold would only grow stronger. The transformation reversed and Naïs awoke, amazed to be alive, with a backpack filled to the brim with trinkets, rings and other assorted metal objects. He was shocked, but the murmuring skull invented sweet words of reassurance, while reminding Naïs that he was now indebted to the Count for life.

The Count's ambition grew and he guided Naïs further and further away from the Misty Woods. The Count's magic fed Naïs when the Rhythm of her home faded, allowing the Elf to wander far and wide. For over a hundred years, the duo wreaked havoc on Téleria's treasurers and archivists, and Naïs became increasingly dependent on the Count's transformation into a mighty raven to manage problems. Time passed and the Count felt Naïs' body ageing. He decided to carry out one last paroxysmal burglary before getting rid of Naïs to find a new host: they were going to steal the Arbiter himself from his own tower.

They thought they were hidden as they slipped through the marble corridors, but in truth, the Arbiter had sensed the Count's magical irradiance and was watching his every move. After offering them the opportunity to lose their nerve and retreat, and seeing that they wouldn't, she appeared in front of Naïs in a flash and scowled. He tried to release Sparkling Metal, but the Arbiter bound him in golden light and ripped the raven skull from his head. Lucid for the first time since he had touched the skull in the Sylvan archives, Naïs begged her to forgive him. The Count, too, slavishly pleaded for the Arbiter's mercy from within his prison of bone.

The Arbiter cast a powerful curse on them and bound them in a Shard. Henceforth, she decreed, Naïs the master thief would retrieve the sacred relics and missing Shards for the Arbiter as an Analyst, protected from age and bodily needs within the Shard when not deployed. As for the Count, he was returned to Naïs so that they could continue their partnership, and even take control of his body as before, but the Arbiter drastically limited the Fairy Being's control over the Elf. Naïs and Métal étincelant accepted the deal. Naïs was relieved, and the Count reluctantly complied: so far, the fear of losing his host and returning to the captivity of an inanimate object has forced the Count to obey.


Release date :


How to obtain Naïs Voleur d'Ombres

You can have the champion: Antique Splinters, Sacred Splinters

List of buffs and debuff of : Naïs Shadow Thief

The list of buffs for himself:

The champion's buffs that he only puts on himself:
  • Invincible, Shield, Damage blocking

Team buffs list:

The buffs the champion puts on the whole team:
  • Shield

The champion's debuff list:

The debuffs the champion puts on opponents:
  • Stun

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