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Roblox codes on Islands mini game
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Game name: Islands
Game creator:
Gender : Every kind
Creation date : 08/04/2020

Other info:

Name of the game in English:
Number of favourites: 3 355 939
Mini-game age : All ages
Last code date: 03/05/2024
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Islands roblox code list available

You can find here the whole list of roblox codes for the mini game: Islands
SORRYFORLASTUPDATE 2 lucky potions, 2 power potions, 50k gems
UPDATE4.5 1 lucky potion + 1 power potion
10KLIKES 1 gem potion + 1 power potion
UPDATE4 2 lucky potions, 2 power potions, 50k gems
UPDATE3 Awards
UPDATE2.5 Awards
5KLIKES 2 lucky potions, 2 power potions, 50k gems
UPDATE2 2 lucky potions + 2 power potions
2KLIKES 2 lucky potions, 2 power potions, 50k gems
UPDATE1 1 gem potion, 1 power potion, 60k gems
1KLIKES 1 lucky potion, 2 power potions, 50k gems
Daetoi 1gem potion and 1power potion
BUGFIXES 1 lucky potion + 1 power potion
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Expired Islands roblox code list

Here is the list of all expired codes (which are no longer useful)

How to activate the code on the Islands mini game

  • Open the game, press the "?" or "Help" to open a new window.
  • Enter the codes as shown on the list above in the text box.
  • Press "Enter" to activate the code and be immediately rewarded in the game.

Information about Islands

Islands, also known by its former names Skyblox and Sky Block, is a game created by on Roblox. It is a sort of sandbox game designed by following the model of Minecraftent's SkyBlock and including aspects of Hypixel's SkyBlock, which also appear in Minecraft. The principle of the game is to mine an island to find materials and gather them to form various objects.

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