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Roblox Promo Code on Livetopia Mini Game

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Roblox codes on the Livetopia mini game
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Game name: Livetopia
Game creator: Century Makers
Gender : Cities
Creation date : 28/04/2021

Other info:

Name of the game in English:
Number of favourites: 13 634 155
Mini-game age : All ages
Last code date: 03/05/2024
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Livetopia roblox code list available

You can find here the whole list of roblox codes for the mini game: Livetopia

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Expired Livetopia roblox code list

Here is the list of all expired codes (which are no longer useful)
  • 70k likes : Mini Bus
  • 50k likes : Golf Stick
  • 35k likes : Frying Pan

How to activate the code on the Livetopia mini game

  • Open the game, press the Settings button (gear icon) located at the top left of the screen.
  • A new window will open, enter the code as shown above in the Enter Code section.
  • Click on the "Yes" button to validate and be immediately rewarded in the game.

Information about Livetopia

Livetopia is a Roblox experience created by Century Makers. It is a virtual tour of the Livetopia metropolis, which is updated regularly to allow users to dive into the discovery of the city. Players can notably play 3 mini-games in the virtual Walmart store. By succeeding, he will have access to the portal that leads to Walmart Land.

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  1. this game is incredible!!!! i really admire the features you can do so much with this game. just one very annoying flaw, it's a bit but really a bit empty, you should add some buildings etc...
    PS: this game would be even better if there was a phone to send messages, call, etc... Thanks!!!!


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