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Roblox promo code on Royale High mini game

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Roblox codes on Royale High mini game
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Game name: Royal High
Game creator: callmehbob
Gender : Adventure
Creation date : 10/04/2017

Other info:

Name of the game in English:
Number of favourites: 13 181 924
Mini-game age : All ages
Last code date: 03/05/2024
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Royale High roblox code list available

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Expired Royale High roblox code list

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How to activate the code on the mini game Royale High

At the moment players can obtain various possibilities and resources by combining a code to open a door (Door code).

Information about Royale High

Royale High is a Roblox adventure game by callmehbob, which is about role-playing and dress-up, and takes place in a fantasy school, where you can set the look of your avatar as you wish. You can also in this game, using a teleportation scepter, travel through magical lands in an instant, in order to discover secrets and participate in entertaining games that can earn you the Diamonds currency, while improving your level, as well as your knowledge and skills. Diamonds can be used in the shop to purchase special items there during real-life seasons. At Royale High, increase your rank by taking classes and getting good grades, and get rewards. Royale High is also the perfect place to experience high school life and make friends.

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