Pugilist guide and advice on Lost Ark

Pugilist guide and advice on Lost Ark

Written by : Scudik


Welcome to this guide to the pugilist. The pugilist is the strongest martial artist. With excellent mobility, the Pugilist uses two types of skills linked to two resources. Yellow skills consume yellow energy and replenish green energy, while green skills consume green energy and replenish yellow energy.

The pugilist brings an almost permanent +6% damage debuff to her group. The class also brings a great deal of imbalance and partial destruction.

If you play the first engraving, Shock Training, you will concentrate on the green skills, which are slower but more explosive in terms of damage.

If you play Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu, you'll mainly use your yellow skills, for more mobile and consistent gameplay.

Both engravings are fully playable in endgame and equal in terms of performance.

ENGRAVING 1: Shock training :

With Shock Training, green energy regenerates every second and the damage of your green skills is increased.

Engraving allows you to develop quite a burst of gameplay. Placing your spells so as not to miss them will be essential, and the risk of taking blows without being able to react is present, so it'll be up to you to adapt, but the game is well worth the effort.

Your 6% debuff is placed by


Your death sentence should be used with as many green resources as possible to maximize damage.

Here is an example of tripods:

In terms of features, we've upped the specialization for green damage and critical to secondary.

ENGRAVING 2: Ultimate skill: Taijutsu :

Ultimate skill Taijutsu gives you boosted yellow regeneration and increased damage from these skills.

The taijutsu gameplay is livelier, and you use your attacking power to buffer it.

The next 2 skills will be your 2 high-damage skills.

Maintain your 6% debuff with

Example of usable tripods:

In the features section, you'll increase the critical chance primarily and speed secondarily to reduce reloading times.



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