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The Bloody Finger is a multiplayer item in Elden Ring. It allows players to interact with each other in a variety of ways, including leaving messages for other players to read, cooperative play and competitive play such as PVP.

Image of the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring :

Bloody Finger descriptions:

Online game object.

(This item can also be used in the Multiplayer menu.)

Lets try to invade another player's world.
If successful, your goal as an invader (Bloody Finger) will be to defeat the Host of Fingers of this world.

The glistening blood has been sucked into the nail of that finger, which still experiences the most exquisite pain. Pale skin no longer feels anything.

Item name in English: "Bloody Finger

Bloody Finger locations in Elden Ring :

Where to find the bloody finger :

  • Travel to the Church of the Roses after defeating any Shardbearer and speaking to Enia in the Round Table for the first time.
  • Talk to Masque Blanc Varré, who is just across the street from the church.
  • Masque Blanc Varré will give you five purulent Bloody Fingers and asks you to invade other worlds.
  • There are several ways to carry out this step;
    • If you're offline, invade Magnus the claw of the beast located in the Ruins of the Crimson-Blood at least 3 times, simply killing it also works.
    • If you're online, invade it at least 3 times. You don't need to successfully defeat the host; simply leave with the Breaker finger.
  • Back at the Church of the Roses, Varré will give you the Blood Lord's Favor and ask you to soak the cloth in a young girl's blood.
  • There are several ways to carry out this step:

Option n°1 - Chapelle de l'Anticipation

    • Travel northwest to reach The Four Belfries.
    • The highest steeple will have a Sword Key impregnated in a chest.
    • The second-highest belfry will transport you to the Precipice of Anticipation.
    • After defeating the grafted Scion, move on to the Chapel of Anticipation. There, you'll find the corpse of a young girl.
    • Interact with his corpse to dip the Blood Lord's Favor in his blood.

Option n°2 - Church of Inhibition

  • Travel northeast, away from the Grand Lift, to theChurch of Inhibition.
  • In the Church of Inhibition, you'll find a dead girl.
  • Interact with his corpse to impregnate the Blood Lord's Favor with his blood.

Option n°3 - Kill a young girl

    • Find and kill Hyetta.
    • Impregnate yourself with the Favour of the Lord of the Blood in his blood.
    • Return to the Church of the Roses and speak to Varré.
    • Hand over the Favour of the Lord of the Blood.

How to use the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring?

  • You can try to invade another player's world with this object.
  • If you succeed in invading, the multiplayer invasion mode will begin (you'll be considered a Bloody Finger, and your objective is to defeat the Finger Army).
    Killing the host's fingers will grant the invader a Runic Bow and a Remedy for crooked fingers.
  • During the invasion multiplayer mode, you have three ghostly Bloody Fingers at your disposal. Using them will make you appear in a different location during the same session.
  • Doing the quest and consequently receiving this item makes your eyes slightly redder. This effect can be deactivated in the mirror in Fia's room at the Round Table.
  • The maximum number of invaders is 1, unless the host uses the Language of the Provocateur.
  • By default, invasions can only take place once the host has summoned a cooperator. Solo invasions can only take place if the host has used the taunting tongue.

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