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The Mocking Tongue is a multiplayer item in Elden Ring. It allows players to interact with each other in a variety of ways, including leaving messages for other players to read, cooperative play and competitive play such as PVP. We'll take a look at where to find it, how to buy it and some important information you need to know about the Mocking Tongue.

Image of the Mocking Tongue in Elden Ring :

Descriptions of the Language of Mockery:

Online game object.
(This item can also be used in the Multiplayer menu.)

Attracts invaders, who can then invade you even without an allied Hook Finger. Also reduces the interval between invasions.

It also allows a second invader to join the session when an ally is present. (When two invaders are present, the maximum number of allies is one)

Item name in English: "Taunter's Tongue

Mocking Tongue locations in Elden Ring :

Where to find the Tongue of Mockery:

  • It can be unleashed by an invading spirit, Mad Tongue Alberich, within the Round Table.
    • Arriving there or teleporting via the Table of Lost Grace, run around the left of the table and through the second opening. This will take you to an area with a raised balcony and a lower floor. Jump down to the lower floor to be invaded by Mad Tongue Alberich.
  • It is also available by default during network testing.

How do I use the Mocking Tongue in Elden Ring?

  • The Tongue of Mockery invites Bloody Fingers and Recusants to invade your world.
  • This allows you to be invaded even without the presence of a Furled Finger cooperator, and reduces the time before reinvasion is possible. However, you must always use a Remedy for crooked fingers.
  • This also allows a second invader to join the multiplayer.
  • Both invaders can be summoned via duelist signs, allowing battles for all or "fight clubs" (where invaders duel instead).

Further information on the Mocking Tongue

  • You can access the Royal Capital of Leyndell with the Tongue of Mockery and the help of another player. Activate it near the elevator at the Divine Bridge site of grace after using the teleportation trap at the Return Tower. The Invader or Hunter will probably appear at the bottom of the elevator; if they use the lever to summon the elevator, you can use it to get to Leyndell. This can give you easy access without beating the boss required to enter by the usual means.
  • It has the same function as the Dried Finger in Dark Souls. However, unlike the Dried Finger, the Tongue of Mockery doesn't unlock additional summoning slots, as you can already summon the maximum number of cooperators without it (2). What's more, the tongue can be deactivated whether or not you're in multiplayer mode.
    • The community despises all those who abuse and disable the provocateur's language.

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