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  1. Discover our selection of 5 best spy apps telephone to discreetly monitor the activities of your children or your partner.
  2. Mspy stands out as the most powerful spyware with comprehensive features and a 7-day free trial for an easy start.
  3. EyeZy, Umobix, SpyX and Hoverwatch offer effective alternativeseach with unique features and a variety of price points to suit all surveillance needs.

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There are many reasons why we use a phone spy application, namely Flexispy monitoring software, and by the way, feel free to check out our Flexispy review. In many cases, the aim is to keep track of what our children are doing on the Internet, via their phones. But these applications are also used to monitor our partner's smartphone, used to detect adultery.

But then, which is the best spyware to choose? Let's explore together in this article our Top 5 of today's best phone spy applications.

Below is a table showing the top 5 best phone spy software:

💎 Mspy Visit the website: Mspy
💰 Eyezy See website: Eyezy
💸 Umobix Discover the website: Umobix
📙 SpyX Read our review: SpyX
🌍 Hoverwatch Visit the website: Hoverwatch

Discover Mspy first:

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apps to spy on spouse
(Illustration of how to spy on your spouse).

What are the 5 best apps to spy on a phone?

We've selected 5 cell phone spy applications used worldwide to spy on your spouse and spy on your children. Here's our list of the 5 best spyware applications on the market today:


top 1 mspy
Screen from the official Mspy website

Mspy is considered THE best spyware for tracking phones. An excellent, feature-rich application, Mspy allows you to monitor your entire phone without being recognized. With mSpy, you can :

  • Geolocate the phone;
  • See incoming and outgoing calls, as well as their duration;
  • Consult the various internet searches;
  • Read conversations on social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) ;
  • View photos and videos on the phone ;
  • Receive an alert if something suspicious happens (via AI).

In Mspy you'll find everything you're looking for in a mobile surveillance application. In addition to its unique and practical features, mSpy makes your life easier. It's easy to install and works straight away. The great thing about the application is that it comes with a 7-day free trial so that users can familiarize themselves with the software.

Try Mspy free for a week:

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What's more, Mspy parental control software is compatible with both Android (without jailbreak) and iOS (with jailbreak) devices.

Mspy Award: from 48.99 $ per month (for a 1-month subscription). Discover all Mspy subscription prices among our articles!


top 2 eyezy
Screen from the official EyeZy website

EyeZy is also one of the best phone tracking software. It works like mspy, but the difference is that it's a little cheaper. The software enables :

  • Follow conversations on social media, calls, etc.
  • Remote restriction (alert if the phone exceeds a certain zone), geofencing application ;
  • View photos and videos on the monitored device ;
  • Keylogger function to find out in real time what your target is typing on his keyboard.
  • The connection blocker function, which lets you see and control the sites they visit and the applications they use.

Discover all the features of EyeZy:

👀Spy on a phone with EyeZy👀

Likewise, whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, Eyezy will meet your surveillance needs. EyeZy prices start from 49.99 $ per month (1-month subscription). But for more about EyeZy subscription pricesRead our article on the subject!


top 3 umobix
Screen from the official Umobix website

Another alternative to phone spyware, Umobix has similar functionality to Mspy and Eyezy. It is available on Android as well as iOS. Umobix surveillance software works on both Android and iOS.

The Umobix application allows you to:

  • Follow the target's social networks,
  • Provide a GPS location,
  • View messages and calls.

Umobix costs from 29.99 $ per month (for a one-month subscription).

How about using Umobix to monitor a laptop?

👁️Monitoring a phone with Umibox👁️


Screen from the official SpyX website
Screen from the official SpyX website

SpyX is another smartphone monitoring application that lets you track a device's activity remotely. In addition to basic features, this spyware offers useful parental control functions such as call and SMS tracking, as well as GPS localization.

Spyx :

  • Undetectable function
  • View SMS, MMS, call and browsing histories on the target device
  • Discover activities on social networks such as Discord, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • View media on the device (photos, videos) and even the details of each media item
  • Target location monitoring
  • SpyX costs from 45.98 $ per month for a one-month subscription.

This SpyX surveillance app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

Do you want to try one of the top 5 best monitoring tools of the moment?

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hover watch
Screen from the official Hoverwatch website

A phone monitoring app compatible with Android as well as iOS, Hoverwatch offers several options. In addition to basic features such as access to messages, calls and GPS location, Hoverwatch is quite practical. However, the application is only compatible with macOS and there is no iPhone version.

If you want to be sure of your choice when it comes to telephone monitoring, find out more about full Hoverwatch reviews !

Hoverwatch features:

  • Undetectable ;
  • Collects information such as the location of the target cell phone, SMS messages, conversations on social networks (WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber, ...) and calls ;
  • Hoverwatch prices start at 29.99 $ for a one-month subscription. For more information on software pricing, see our article Hoverwatch subscription prices !

To learn more about the Howerwatch app:

👉More info on Howerwatch👈

Which one to choose ?

What's more, there's plenty of smartphone spyware outside this list. However, the five best phone spy apps highlighted in this article are distinguished by their functionalities. While all these apps have the basics of smartphone tracking, mSpy and Eyezy stand out from the rest.

MSpy is the most efficient and includes a free one-week trial. Although Eyezy costs less per year, it does not offer a free trial.

Why use a phone monitoring app?

Before answering this question, it's important to define what phone monitoring software is. A spy application is software that enables us to remotely monitor a person's phone calls and messages. It's a bit like hacking or hack a phone. This application allows us to access the smartphone without a password.

Phone spyware works by collecting all necessary information on the target phone and sending them directly to your spy account. With a surveillance application, we can find out what's happening on the target phone. It also enables us to build up a solid foundation of trust in the family and also protecting our children against the dangers of cyberbullying and pedophilia. That's why so many people use spyware.

Just a reminder :

  • The law prohibits the installation of spyware applications without the person's consent.

Once installed on your spouse's or child's smartphone, you can remotely access all activities on their mobile device. Most of the apps mentioned in this article work on both Android and iPhone.

So what are you waiting for to use today's best surveillance software:

🔎Essayer Mspy free for a week🔍

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