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  1. Hoverwatch enables parents and entrepreneurs to discreetly monitor activities on target devices, including calls, messages and social networks.
  2. He offers a range of functions such as screen capture, GPS location and call recording, compatible with Android, Windows and Mac OS X.
  3. Subscriptions range from 6 $ to 29.95 $ per month, with a free trial version, although certain functions are limited and the software is not compatible with iOS devices.

Discover Hoverwatch and its features :

🕵️Je want to discover Hoverwatch🕵️

Hoverwatch is more than just a parental control application, it's also software that enables entrepreneurs to monitor employee activity. Indeed, in a world where online predators are multiplying, the functionalities provided by this application enable parents to keep track of their children's activities on the Internet.

This application mainly enables users to obtain information on various data such as: calls, messages, etc. In other words, you have total control over the target device. This text gives our full review of Hoverwatch spyware.

💎 Website www.hoverwatch.com
💰 Prizes Personal rate from 29.95 $/ month. Business rate from 9.99 $/month. Business rate from 6.00 $/month.
💸 Trial offer Yes, free trial the application for 3 days with the link above or below.
📙 Features View messages, record calls, call history, location, social applications: Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, etc.
Internet browsing history, calendar, and contacts
🌍 Languages English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Slovak, Turkish, Dutch, Czech.


So, would you like to discover more about Hoverwatch :

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Screen of the Hoverwatch website with some of its features
Screen of the Hoverwatch website with some of its features

Our opinion of Hoverwatch software features

The advantage of Hoverwatch software is that it has multiple functionalities that allow users to fully monitor the target's activities, without their knowledge.

The undetectable function

This feature is very important to enable users to and control the target cell phone, even if your child is familiar with the device's functions. The truth is, Hoverwatch is an application that gives parents slightly more precise information on their child's activities, while remaining invisible to the target user.

For companies who also want to keep tabs on their employees' activities, Hoverwatch is one of the best undetectable applications on the market.

Access to messages and calls

Hoverwatch is equipped with a screenshot on AndroidSMS tracker, which records SMS messages, outgoing and incoming calls. Then, with the SMS tracker application, parents can have full access to their children's SMS and MMS messages on their phone.

At the same time, parents can also follow the images on MMS from their devices.

Email Monitoring

This spyware also records data on all social networks including WhatsApp, Facebook, SnapChat, Tiktok, Instagram, Telegram, etc. This feature enables comprehensive monitoring of children's or employees' web activities.

Explore other software features :

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The location function

From your account and your device, you can determine the exact location of the target user. In fact, Hoverwatch offers a surveillance or localization function. To do this, the phone tracker uses Wi-Fi signals, cell phone towers or GPS to locate the target's device.

Access to activities on social networks

Children are often very clever! On their social networks, they can restrict access to their publications, their online presence, and sometimes even prevent parents or relatives from accessing their content. Change the rules with Hoverwatch!

The software offers a full range of monitoring functions, including the tracking of text messages, photos, videos, calls and network activity such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, WeChat, Telegram, etc.

You can also make screen recordings on Android devices, and the keylogger function is a plus for this tool for access target discussions in real time. Similarly, you can view media (photos, videos) on several of your child's or target's social platforms on their device without their knowledge.

Software compatibility with different devices

The Hoverwatch monitoring app is compatible with Android, Windows and MAC OS X devices. What's more, if you choose the right plan, you can monitor up to 25 devices.

Hoverwatch's functionalities make it easy to keep an eye on your loved ones. Whether you're a parent, a spouse or someone else, there are times when you want to find out what your loved ones are doing without them knowing. That's why Hoverwatch is the best option for you to discover your target's complete activities on their phone.

However, Hoverwatch not compatible with iPhonewhich seems a shame if you want to monitor mobile devices running the iOS operating system.

Opinion on software prices

Although the Hoverwatch software is available as a free version, it is limited in time and functionality. That's why it's essential to take out a subscription for a better user experience. Here are the 3 types of subscription offered by the spy software:

  • the Personal plan with a price of 29.95 $ per month.
  • The Professional formula, for a monthly subscription of 9.99 $.
  • The Business formula6 $ for a 12-month subscription.

If you want to choose the formula that suits you:

💰I choose a Hoverwatch💰 formula

For more information, read this article Hoverwatch subscription prices. Although the software offers different price plans, the cost can add up if you need to monitor several devices.

How to get the software?

However, before adopting any application, you need to register first. All you need to do is enter your e-mail address and password. To do this :

✍️M register on Hoverwatch✍️

  • Once you have registered on the site, you will be able to access the choice of equipment including Android, Mac ;
  • Then click on the tabs that appear to determine the next steps to take;
  • To get Hoverwatch, click on the device you want to monitor, then on the download button to download and get the application.
  • Once these steps have been taken, using Hoverwatch is easy.

Thanks to the accounts initially created, users have a user-friendly dashboard where they can track the activities of your entire target audience on their mobile devices.

Hoverwatch user reviews

Hoverwatch is a complete spy software. It is popular with users be it parents and businesses. Like any other software, it can have advantages and disadvantages:


In general, users are almost satisfied with this software, according to them:

  • The tracking system is ideal for parents to monitor activities children ;
  • It features functions for follow the trail their children full-time;
  • Function screenshot on Android for better real-time monitoring;
  • The software allows you to prevent against all forms of cyberbullying, especially among young people and children;
  • The software interface is easy to understand and master, which is why theeasy to use of the tool ;
  • Value for moneyHoverwatch is the perfect choice.

The inconvenients

On the other hand, Hoverwatch also has disadvantages, including:

  • It is not possible to take control or block contacts ;
  • It is also not possible toeviewing content formerly deleted ;
  • Access to instant messaging is limit ;
  • Updates are also slow ;
  • Then, the full version only works on rooted devices.

In short, the drawbacks are limited in scope, and compared with other spyware programs, Hoverwatch is one of the most complete programs on the market.

Our final review of Hoverwatch

Although Hoverwatch monitoring software is one of the most popular 5 best spy apps on the marketOur choice is Mspy or Eyezy, which have been on the market for a long time. However, Hoverwatch is still good software, it's just that our favorites are still Mspy and Eyezy.

What if you discovered the Mspy application?

🔐Discover the Mspy🔐 application

Why do we choose Mspy and EyeyZy? Find out why by reading our reviews of these two tools:

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