Eyezy review: How does this software work?

Protect your children from the dangers of malicious sites on the internet and even social networks. The Eyezy application was designed to promote parental control on your children's phone. It is one of the best monitoring apps on the market, and the most reliable too. In this text, discover our opinion on the Eyezy application.

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📙 Features See social networks, photo, video, geolocation, SMS, call, google search,
🌍 Languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Turkish.

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What does Eyezy mean?

Eyezy is a parental control mobile application for smartphones. Indeed, with the evolution of technology, parents can no longer ensure the safety of their children. However, smartphones represent a real danger for children. It is in these cases that Eyezy intervenes. This spy software allows parents to monitor their children's actions on their phones, including: social networks, messages, location, etc. The advantage of Eyezy is that it uses advanced technologies. It is one of the best apps in the market that comes with the best features.

The software allows you to monitor your children remotely through the location feature for example. Parents will be informed in real time of the movements of their children. Moreover, this monitoring app is legal. Thanks to this, you will have full access to the device of your target. Then, it is compatible with almost all operating systems, especially: iPhone, Android, tablet, etc.

What are the features of Eyezy?

As you already know, Eyezy is spyware. It allows you to monitor your target's phone remotely. It has several unique features. These differentiate it from all spyware on the market.

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The function to monitor all devices

Eyezy is advantageous because it allows monitoring any device remotely. It is an important function to monitor all your children's activities.

The invisible function

At the same time, Eyezy is a completely invisible, spy-worthy app. With this feature, you can monitor and limit what your kids watch on the internet. You can also spy on your child safely, without him knowing. You will get all the necessary information about the movements of your children.

protection of your personal data

Eyezy is also equipped with an encryption system that allows you to protect your banking data in complete safety.

Discover your children's personal information

The software will give you full access to all the information needed for parental control, including: messages, social media posts, etc.

A reasonable price

The price of an Eyezy subscription is reasonable, even cheaper than a coffee.

Eyezy also has an artificial intelligence that will inform you on time, so you don't have to watch your children all the time. Then, Eyezy's customer service is available 24/24 and 7/7 in the event of a problem with the installation.

What is the price of an Eyezy subscription?

We have an article that only talks about the prices of Eyzy subscriptions:

As mentioned above, the price of an Eyezy subscription is very reasonable. The price is lower if you choose a long-term subscription. The monthly rate is therefore around 39 €. If you choose a quarterly subscription, the price is approximately €23. For an annual subscription, the price is only around €8.

Thanks to this spy software, you will be able to block all inappropriate content for your child's age remotely. This is the best way to protect your child from all the dangers of social networks, even the web.

Our opinion on Eyezy

Eyezy is one of the best parental control software. It has several features, in terms of value for money, Eyezy is the best choice to make. On the other hand, it is not possible to monitor children's activities remotely without installing the software on the target's device. It is therefore necessary to show discretion and cunning so that we cannot detect you.

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