Mspy review, the ULTIMATE surveillance software?

Mspy avis 2024, the ULTIMATE surveillance software?

Mspy has been known for many years as the best parental control software for Android and IOS phones.

But Mspy is also used by couples. A man or woman who has doubts about his or her partner will find sites on the Internet that propose Mspy application to spy on your partner.

We've listed all the information you need to know in our article and in our Mspy Review.

Below is a table describing Mpsy in more detail:

💎 Site Visit the website: Mspy
💰 Price €7.41 up to €41.99 per month
💸 Trial offer Yes, test for free for 1 week
📙 Notice Read our review by clicking here
🌍 Languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Dutch.


Our article in brief: Mspy Avis

  1. Mspy has been recognized as the best parental control software for Android and IOS phones for several years.
  2. In addition to parents, Mspy is also used by couples to monitor their partners.
  3. The article offers a detailed review of Mspy, including its price, trial period, and additional product information.

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MSpy wait screen 2

How does Mspy work?

Once the application installed on the target's phoneyou'll be able to access all the following information :

  • List of installed applications (Android) ;
  • The incoming and outgoing calls ;
  • The contacts ;
  • The events ;
  • Follow-up google searches (Android) ;
  • The media on the device ;
  • Messages writing (SMS) ;
  • Messages by email ;
  • Google History, visit to Web sites (Android) ;
  • Geolocation from the phone in real time ;
  • Geolocation history of the device ;
  • Wi-Fi networks used ;
  • Social Media Posts ;
  • Social network alerts (monitoring "abnormal" discussions) ;
  • keylogger (what he writes on his phone).
  • As a bonus, you can use Geo Fencinga useful option for keeping an eye on your children.

Mspy Geo Fencing: how does it work?

In this Mspy feature, you can define the number of safe or dangerous zones you want for your target. Likewise, also get details on each visit, the date as well as frequency. To do this, a map will be provided so that you can easily visualize your travel history every time your child moves from one zone to another.

In short, this method is an undeniable plus for parents. After all, we all know thatfrom a certain age, most children no longer share a large part of their day with their parents. Therefore, this Mspy feature will be very useful for you, because you'll know easily all the places your child visits. Afterwards an alert will be sent to you if your child/target leaves town for no reason Where in dangerous areas.

So, would you like to better protect your children?

👌Monitoring my child with Mspy👌

Is Mspy legal?

Indeed, as mentioned earlier in this article, Mspy is sometimes hijacked for other purposes than parental control. So you're probably wondering whether it is legal to use this software. How about France in particular?

On its official website, Mspy informs its users that it is to use this software to control your child's smartphone. However, if you are considering spy on someone else's smartphonemake sure you ask permission first to help you comply with French law.

Please also note that if you use Mspy software for spy on other people without their knowledge, you expose you to legal action, of the risk of fines ranging from up to around 45,000 euros, and worse at prison sentences if the person realizes it and finds proof that it's you.

Comparing Mspy with other monitoring software

There are other monitoring software packages on the market, including Eyezy. It also involves a monitoring tool enabling parents to keep a close eye on their children's online activities. The software is compatible with all deviceswhether iOS or Android. What sets Eyezy apart from other tools is its ability to go unnoticedThis means that the target person won't know what you're up to. Likewise, with certain functionssome companies also use various EyeZy services, with the aim of monitor their employees.

EyeZY: software pros and cons

The software has many advantages but also limits like any other.

Advantages : 

  • Several features are available to keep track of your goals ;
  • Intuitive interface and easy to understand ;
  • Once installed on your target device, it will be undetectable ;
  • You don't no need for special espionage skills to use it.

Disadvantages :

  • He no free trial to get used to the tool;
  • The EyeZy's comprehensive features are hard to come by;
  • For iOS devices, you have to access iCloud information of the target ;
  • the proposed tariff by the software is quite expensive.

What are Mspy's strengths and limitations?

In turn, Mspy is an application that has won over the hearts of tracking users. That's why, in addition to parental controlthe software is also used by men and women who want to keep a close eye on their partner. It really is a powerful tool, enabling you to discover all the target's activities without his knowledge. Mspy is also known for its easy to useeven for beginners.

However, as with all things, it is essential toevaluate the pros and cons of the tool before use:

Assets :

  • Has a free trial to familiarize yourself with the application;

By the way, to use it :

👁️Essayer Mspy gratuitement👁️

  • Software easy to use ;
  • There are many useful functions to keep track of your targets;
  • Customer support is ready to help day and night;
  • the proposed price by Mspy is quite affordable.

Limits :

  • With Mpsy, each account must correspond to a device;
  • If the owner of the phone decides to restore, there's a good chance that data is lost.
  • others features require root access. 

Which to choose between Mspy and EyeZy?

In fact, it involves two powerful software solutions that provide the best possible monitoring of a target's activities. However, it's not enough, if you prefer to see all the options before you start using a tool, then Mspy is certainly the one you should be using. Why? It's because Mspy has a free one-week trial version, what is not the case with EyeZy. Price range, Mspy is much cheaper since its basic version costs around 26.99 per month, whileEyeZy is only available from 39.99 euros per month. That said, the choice is yours - you decide. which fits your expectations and your budget.

Mspy monitoring software reviews:

If we do a summary and feedback on Mspy, here's what we come across:

On average, there are between 60 to 80% from 5 starswhich is a fairly high average score.

If we consider the negative opinions :

  • A installation problem (people don't consult the tutorial)
  • Of the problems with support (support gives appointment but some forget the appointment by phone)
  • Of the repayment problems (If you have purchased a subscription, Normally will not be reimbursed for months usedlike a telephone subscription, you cannot be reimbursed for previous months)

However, on my side I asked to test Mspy and had no trouble following the instructions. on my own phone. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the video sent to you by Mspy after purchase. Mspy has done its best to make installation of the application as easy as possible. as simple as possible.

My opinion :

We have tested the functionalities from their siteThe software offers a wide range of functionsinstallation is quick and easy (if you follow the tutorial correctly).

We are quite happy with the product, he equivalent to Eyezy but with a free trial period !

Why not test the tool for free before choosing a package?

👓Try Mspy free for 7 days👓

But if you have access to the target's phone, and you follow the tutorial videos then everything should be fine. If something goes wrong, please contact customer service. and don't forget the appointment! (The support gives you an appointment, but many people forget and give it a bad mark)

Some feedback from parents

On one of the best online review platforms, we can share with you the experiences of users and parents who have tested Mspy software. On over 4,200 votes, Mspy obtained an average of 3.8 out of 5. Some parents attest to the effectiveness of this tool, the supervision of children, the availability of customer support in case of trouble and fast service. However, he there are also negative experiences regarding the use of Mspy, if we rely on the opinions of certain users. Indeed, others claim that Mspy is complex to use in the first place, too, due to certain bugs on certain levels of functionality. Customers have reported these inconveniences, including when tracking Messenger messages and calls.  

How do I install the software?

First of all, we need to access to the target's device, when it's your child, it's much easier than when it's an adult. You can confiscate your child's phone to install software, of course It's always best to talk it over with your child and reach an agreement. 

Once you have purchased your Mspy subscription, they provide a tutorial in 8 different languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, Italian and Portuguese).

MSpy install

Installation on your device in less than 10 minutes (if you watched the videos beforehand, it can be done in 3 minutes).

If you can't install it, Mspy offers a free customer service to help you install the application on your target.

Mspy conclusion:

In conclusion, Mspy is one of the best surveillance applications on the market in 2024, the fact that has the most features compared to other competitors like Eyezy. The information qthat parents receive on their phone or computer are precise and allow you to keep a close eye on your child.

General opinion on mSpy:

According to feedback, mSpy is positioned as a leading parental control solution. It offers access to messages, websites, location and much more, without having to jailbreak the target smartphone.

The software is easy to install and use. For subscriptions, several options are available to suit the length of time you wish to monitor your child's phone. Users also appreciate mSpy's ability to track multiple devices simultaneously, and its compatibility with Windows and Mac systems.

Protect your children with Mspy:

👀Protect my child with Mspy👀

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