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  1. Hoverwatch offers three subscription formulas (Personal, Professional and Business) for monitoring 1, 5 and 25 devices respectively, with prices ranging from 29.95 $ to 499.95 $ per year depending on the formula chosen.
  2. This parental control software works on Android, Windows and Mac OS Xwith features such as monitoring of calls, SMS, online messages, browsing history, geolocation and keylogger.
  3. Hoverwatch is appreciated for its ability to operate in stealth mode, but has drawbacks such as its high price, incompatibility with iPhones and limited functionality on unrooted Android devices.

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Hoverwatch is a popular spyware application at the moment, especially with parents. Its features are numerous, and the application's interface is easy to master. The biggest dilemma users face with any application or software is the price. Will the investment pay off? Do the functionalities offered really correspond to the price of the software?

The purpose of this article is to inform you about the current subscription prices for Hoverwatch! But at the same time, let's find out about the features offered by this application.

Want to find out why the app is so popular?

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How much do Hoverwatch subscriptions cost?

Hoverwatch is a mobile surveillance software compatible with Android, Windows, Mac OS X. This Hoverwatch application features 3 types of subscription :

The Personal Plan

This is a type of subscription that allows you to control a single device. Subscriptions are available for 1, 3 and 12 months. The price is :

  •  29,95 $ for one month,
  • 59,95 $ for 3 months and
  • 99,95 $ for 12 months.

The Professional formula

The professional formula allows you to control up to 5 devices. Its price varies according to the monthly payment, essentially:

  • 49,95 $ for one month ;
  • 99,95 $ for three months ;
  • And 199, 95 $ for one year.

The monthly rate per device is 9.99 $.

The Business formula

The Business package can control up to 25 devices. Here are the subscription prices:

  • 149,95 $ for one month ;
  • 299,95 $ for three months ;
  • And 499,95 $ for one year.

The monthly rate for a single device is 6 $!

For each package, the user benefits from the full functionality of the spy application on the target devices.

All monitoring functions are available on any version of Hoverwatch. You can pay by credit/debit card, Paypal, telephone order, fax order, bank transfer or other country-specific payment methods.

To subscribe to the type of membership that's right for you :

🛒I choose my Hoverwatch formula 🛒

Screen from the official Hoverwatch website illustrating the different subscription prices
Screen from the official Hoverwatch website illustrating the different subscription prices

What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is a software parental control developed by Refog to facilitate parental control, i.e. the monitoring of children. It can be used to monitor a wide range of devices, including: computers, phones, etc. Once installed on the target device, it will run in stealth mode and in the background to :

  • Record all target activities;
  • Record keystrokes;
  • Messages sent and received;
  • Search history;
  • The sites visited;
  • The calendar ;
  • Etc.

The application will work 24/7 on the target's phone. The advantage of this application is that the data collected is transferred directly to the application's server. They can be consulted by the user at any time via the dashboard.

How does the software work?

Among the most coveted spyware programs, Hoverwatch is now used in 196 countries worldwide. To recap, it's a program designed for parental control. In other words, it was set up to monitor children's activities on their cell phones. However, in addition to caring parents, individuals in a relationship, a user afraid of having their device stolen, or other people can also use the tool.

Hoverwatch features a geolocation function to help locate targets, including children. It can also monitor calls and text messages received on the phone. You'll also have access to instant messaging to see what your children are doing on social networks. Once installed, you'll be able to limit what your children do on the Internet.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step one: Go to this page to register and create your free account:

✍️Je create my account Hoverwatch✍️

  • The second stage involves theInstallation of the application Download the Hoverwatch application to your phone and your target's phone from your online account.
  • The third and final step is to switch to surveillance From the dashboard, you can select the online activity of the user you wish to monitor remotely, at any time.

What are the pros and cons of Hoverwatch?

It's always important to consider the pros and cons of spyware before signing up for a subscription. In fact, if you want to read our full review of HoverwatchFor more information, please refer to our article! For Hoverwatch, for example:


  • A listening system on the surroundings of the target phone, a function for listening to and recording calls, even those made directly on the device;
  • A function for spy instant messaging ;
  • A function for read messages, MMS as well as e-mails ;
  • A function for tracking location.

Do you want to protect your children as best you can?

🔏Mobile monitoring with Hoverwatch🔏

The inconvenients

On the other hand, Hoverwatch also offers disadvantages, in particular:

  • Subscription prices are a little expensive, but there are plenty of features to choose from, making it well worth the cost;
  • Versions ofUnrooted Android will not have access to all features.
  • As with all monitoring applications, the use of this monitoring software can give rise to ethical problems and legal. Hence the need to comply with local and national laws on monitoring and tracking devices.
  • The tool is not compatible with iPhone

What are the different Hoverwatch functions?

Hoverwatch features a number of functions to enhance device monitoring. These features are also useful in the event of theft or loss.


Hoverwatch's stealth function is designed to ensure that the software is not detected on the monitored device. We all know how well some children know their devices by heart. For this reason, this feature is particularly designed for parents who wish to monitor their children's activities on mobile devices without their knowledge.

This feature also makes it possible to collect data without arousing suspicion.

Access to messages, calls

Hoverwatch is theone of the best spy applicationsIt also offers comprehensive monitoring of telephone communications, including :

  • Incoming and outgoing calls, call duration and number contacted
  • SMS, MMS sent and received (media, texts, etc.) on the target device
  • Online messages on social networks like Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Gmail, Wechat, Hangouts, Instagram, etc.

As a result, keeping an eye on a child's exchanges just got a whole lot easier!


Do you often worry about your child's whereabouts? This feature of geolocation from Hoverwatch is perfect for you!
Using a combination of Wi-Fi, cell tower and GPS signals, it determines the exact location of the monitored device.

Keylogger for Windows and Mac

This function on Windows and Mac records all keystrokes on the keyboard of the monitored computer. Want to monitor online activities, including messages sent, searches performed and even passwords entered by your children?

Hoverwatch's Keylogger function offers a complete view of computer usage, which can prove useful in a variety of surveillance situations.

Internet browser search history

Hoverwatch's web browser history tracking function allows you to not onlydisplay visited websitesIt also displays searches and open tabs. It also tracks frequently visited websites, as well as the most frequently visited categories.

This feature is especially useful for ensuring that your children don't view inappropriate content on their cell phones.

Spying on all social networking activities

Whether it'sInstagram, Telegram, WeChat, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsAppWith Hoverwatch spy software, you'll have a detailed view of all the activities carried out by the target on the device to be tracked. From multimedia files, voice calls, statuses, payments made on the platform, reactions to publications, and so on. You're sure to be able to track everything, thanks to the software's features.

Other Hoverwatch monitoring features include screenshots on Android, thecontact registration, the follow-up in the event of a SIM card changeand much more.

Screenshots provide visual evidence of applications used or other online activities.

So, would you like to explore all the features of Hoverwatch?

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