Can you make money playing games?


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Updated on April 17, 2024 by Prince

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What more could you ask for to round off your monthly expenses while having fun? Apart from accessories and unlocking other challenges, some games offer "coins" or "cash" as a reward for completing a given stage. Wondering when those virtual "coins" will actually be in your pocket?

These days, you can play games that reward you with money for real. Since you're anxious to discover them, let's take a look at how not to play the wrong game. Then, we'll name the best mobile apps that actually pay you.

(Image showing a child playing a video game on his smartphone).

How to distinguish games that pay from others?

Instead of flipping through social media pages, why not just play a few minutes with your smartphone or tablet to earn enough to pay for your breakfast.

  • First of all, before installation, it is essential to know whether the game is official. "It might be a little difficult for you to know immediately whether it's a scam or not, so you need to be vigilant.
  • In addition, you need a inquisitive mind like checking customer reviews, especially about payment, after which your judgment comes into play.
  • Another important point, watch out for ads which pop up on all sides of your screen. The truth is, many of the games advertise themselves as being free to play and, after installation, ask you to pay a small amount of money in order to unlock other options or increase your chances of winning. If this is the case, do the math, because you're going to lose a lot of money compared to the winnings wagered by the game itself.

In summary, please make sure, read forums and the game's notice before you decide whether or not the game you're about to play will make you money!

Image of a gambler, next to an illustration showing that money can be made by playing games.
Image of a gambler, next to an illustration showing that money can be made by playing games.

5 online mobile apps to earn money playing games :

Today, we present to you the top 5 mobile apps that seriously pay its customers.


It's a digital platform that allows you to participate in competitive games, of scratch virtual tickets to earn money. For Loonea, payment is made via your paypal account.


Mistplay is a mobile gaming platform that lets you offers rewards to play the video games you've carefully selected! Depending on the preferences you've indicated on your profile, the platform will suggest the best games to play once you've created your account!

You can earn up to 5 $ per week playing these games, and you can even earn more by completing a few extra tasks in the game. How much you earn will depend on how long you play, how successful you are and what quests you complete.


The idea is to exchange coins. The application can be installed free of charge, and displays a list of available games. Choose what you like, and off you go!

The more you play, the more your points accumulate and become coins. When you reach a certain number of coins, you can exchange them for gift cards. You can alsoexchange parts for a product or themoney. Bonus: just by downloading the application, you already earn 4444 coins.


Its partner sites come into play, and you can earn money with Moolineo by reading e-mails. Again with its partners, the platform offers you competitions to earn more money and gifts.

Swag Bucks

To round off our top 5, here's Swagbucks, an application on which you'll need to respond to surveys by testing free product samples or watching videos.

Swagbucks will discover new items for you and reward you with cash or gift cards.

Other techniques for earning change by playing online games 2024 :

There are also other money-making techniques available to you, such as online platforms that pay you for quests and the like.

Thanks to live game broadcasts

The aim is to broadcast your game in real time for others to see. In this way, you can target a large audience, or an intended audience, to monetize with donations, subscriptions or even advertising. To do this, you have a number of streaming platforms at your disposal, including Twitch and YouTube.

However, we prefer to warn you that this technique is decidedly not easy. However, if you want to have a community as a regular viewer, you need to be original. If you need any help, don't hesitate to read our article on how to become a good streamer from scratch? !

Thanks to the creation of guides for certain video games

Many players, especially beginners, take advantage of the guides they find online dedicated to multiplayer games. That's where you come in, because you can earn money by providing a useful guide to those who want to master the game better.

Guides can be created on a website, on YouTube, etc. Generally speaking, when you publish guides on YouTube or on a website, your content is financed by donations or advertising.

On the other hand, anyone can create a guide, but if you want to stand out from the competition, you need to offer relevant information and possess solid writing skills. You'd also have to be a master of the game to provide such detailed information on what a player needs to know and master.

Thanks to video game tournaments

Tournaments are often organized in player-versus-player multiplayer titles. As the game becomes more popular, the prize pools naturally get bigger. So, if you have enough experience to join the eSports community, you can probably earn a decent wage through sponsorship and prize money.

Some players also take advantage of live broadcasts to earn extra income.

Some free games to earn money

Isn't it everyone's dream to become rich without having to work? Given the number of people in France who play games of chance on a daily basis, spending part of their wages, and the success of the French scratch cards and horse racing bets, there's no doubt that many people dream of a fortune that would almost fall from the sky, or at least be linked to chance.

There, with the free games where you earn money, the situation is different, since it is above all the skill of the player that allows him to amass winnings, which he can then have transferred to his bank account. So you have to invest yourself fully in it, when you try to win at this kind of free and profitable games on the internet, to make sure you win the bet!

Chainmonsters :

It's a free cross-platform multiplayer online game in which you can fight, capture and trade digital monsters in a huge open world.

Gods Unchained:

This is one of the best free games offering you the chance to earn money online. It's a profitable trading card game in which you'll receive cryptocurrencies based on your achievements.

Coin Hunt World:

It combines elements of famous online games and brings them together in a crypto game. Similar to Pokémon Go gameIt encourages players to get out and explore the real world. You can then earn real money by enjoying your time in the game.

In short, there are a number of techniques you can use to make money with games. These ideas will help you earn money and have fun at the same time!

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