How to become a good streamer starting from 0?

The 5 essential steps to becoming a Streamer

When you start streaming, there are many things to learn and consider, including connection quality, software choice, chat message response, game descriptions and animations, etc. What's the bottom line? It all depends on your style! For example, you've got streamers who are very dynamic on Twitch like Locklear, or streamers who just play without talking too much. Others simply read their chat while others don't. Finding your style is the most important thing!

Important information:

For your information steps are a brief summary of everything you need to do. Streaming is not just about starting a live broadcast with a camera.Other things you probably don't think about, of which :

  • Preparation your feed takes some streamers 1 to 3 hours a day (or more), even if they only broadcast for 2 hours, because he prepares everything in advance.
  • There's also management for everything to do with social networks.
  • The streamer's job is no picnic and you should know that very few people actually succeed over the long term!
  • If you want to get started, then read this whole page, look at the tips, I'll give you lots of little things to help you.

If you want to know more about me, I've been streaming since 2014. I've had several channels (Youtube, Twitch) and I've made a lot of mistakes! But we learn by making mistakes ! And that's how I'll be able know exactly what to recommend.
If you really want to know more, contact me on Discord Alucare

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Summary of the page to become a better Streamer:

  1. But what is a streamer?
  2. The 5 steps to becoming a streamer
    1. Stream software and hardware
    2. Find your concept
    3. Have your community
    4. Create your design
    5. Become known
  3. Bonus, how to make money on Twitch
  4. The next steps on Twitch (yes because 5 is not enough)
  5. Contact form for help and advice

Streamer: Definition

For those who know, you can skip to the next section.

Otherwise, to put it simply, a Streamer is someone who will create/share live content on any platform offering this kind of service: Twitch and YouTube for the biggest, otherwise Facebook Gaming or even Tik Tok.

Streamers can share their content pure passion but for others, it's their job, and they make a living from it! What's more this page is for those who want to improve whether it's out of passion and to provide better content, or to those who want to make a living out of it and need advice on how to start or improve their current stream.

the content a streamer can offer is totally different depending on the streamer's personality. They can be :

  • A video game (very low level up to pro player)
  • Chat with chat
  • Game help
  • Advice on a game or even in real life
  • Cameras that film animals
  • Drawings made live or even coding games, applications.
  • From the ASMR
  • Put on a bikini and talk in a swimming pool
  • See even licking ears in a bikini

So as you can see the proposed content can be totally different (in the comment area do not hesitate to put content that I have forgotten).

5 steps to becoming a streamer in France

Virtual life has become mainstream. With the growing popularity of social networks and the invention of video streaming, many users have found their way. How does one become, without any knowledge, a good streamer? Here are the steps!

Step 1 - Get the necessary software and hardware

Why is this important? You can start simply by starting a live video (with just the game, no camera and no good microphone) and see what happens! And then.., then try starting a stream with a microphone then the camera and talk/describe what you do on your game to see the difference !

My advice is very simple: stream with a camera! 

You should know that I've done live shows without a cam, then with a cam, then I removed the cam and what I can advise you is that it's important to stream with a camera! Why is that?

  • When you switch on the camera, people are more active in the chat room because they see you, they see a small increase in business because they don't leave the flow in the background any more. see how you react.
  • You should also know that when big streamers raid someonethere are 95% cases where the see if there's a camera so we can see the streamers' reactions.
  • The same goes for those who want to make a living from it: some crazy sponsors will donate hundreds or even thousands of euros. wanting to see the streamer's reaction. (Please note that this is a very rare case, and it's important to remember that this is advice, not an obligation to raid or donate), otherwise it would be too simple.

For the cameras I present to you 2-3 just below. (For the moment, you have to contact me 🙂 )

In the same way, what counts most is the microphone quality when you speak. If the quality is really poor, you'll drive viewers away! A good quality microphone is indispensablespectators at the back will only have audio and sf your microphone crackles or gives them a headache, they'll leave!
The visibility is therefore reduced and the spectators are lost. So it's important to buy a good microphone (more so than a camera!).
I'll introduce you to a few microphones below, and you'll need to configure it properly. (For now, you need to contact me : ))

Little additional information, Sardoche has a sound configuration over €10,000 just for the sound.

For software, go directly to OBS, It is free and I recommend it to 100%. If you want to add things, it's fully open-source and lots of streaming or developing have implemented functionalities. You just have to learn to search for yourself!

If you want some advice on OBS, all the little plugins that already exist, go to the Discord and contact me in private message: Discord Alucare.

Step 2 - Finding your Concept

It is important to define yourself and make a flow that looks like you.
As we have already seen in previous articles, success is impossible without real passion. for the streaming world. Or maybe it only lasts for a while, because you'll soon get bored of it, you've created a character for yourself. So if your concept is to create a character why not, but you'll have to consider the risk losing part of your community.

There are many ways to find your concepts, but I think the most effective way is to look in the mirror and of ask yourself how you feel and your current desireswhat you want to do in the world and why you want to do it.
Then we try to interpret each emotion that arises, and ask ourselves what kind of streams you might want to do several times a week.

Step 3 – Have your community and make it faithful

This step may take some time. At first it's always easy to have 2-3 followers/viewers but it's especially in the 2-3 months following the competition will be the hardest. You have to position yourself on the platform on which we want to get to know each other.

  • A good strategy to start making yourself famous is to stream with other streamersfrom you befriend people who are already streamers, then play with them.

(Personally, this is something I don't really like because it uses humans, but it's been proven time and time again!).

Help each other stream and attract viewers one way or another. But this technique has its limits if you don't manage to attract more than 10 viewers. The aim is to find a steady stream of viewers that will present at every one of your streams for support you and discuss with you.

  • Then welcome all viewers to your channel and remember everyone. Create links between each person of your feed.
  • Make them participate in your streamand use social networks, but we'll talk about that later.
  • To make your viewers loyal to your stream, it have to make schedules that allow viewers to come and get used to you. It really helps!
  • And finally the last most important thing, be yourself, if you are fake your community will realize it! Your community will look like you and that's what's beautiful/funny on Twitch.


Step 4 – Create your Stream Design

This step is very personal. Some streamers use images/logo found on the internet, others make their own designs or based on what is in vogue on the internet.

This step is very personal. Some streamers utilize images/logos found on the Internet, other design their own Where are based on trends Internet.
For those who have neither the time nor the skills, I recommenduse platforms that offer logos Where Template for very little money. But beware, prices can rise quite quickly, as there is a growing demand for graphic designers who do very good work!
For example, I recommend the website (sponsored link below), I made my logo for 20€ on iteach emote costs €5 per piece so I suggest you take a look.

Platform to find emotes, design for twitch for only 5€. :

(Create an account directly on this site and get discounts or aoth by email so don't wait any longer)

For those who want help on what to choose contact me before via discord or the form at the bottom of the page:

To do a more professional stream, I also advise you tohave different sceneswith a bigger cam when you talk or want to show something in stream. Also, to have overlays that are pretty (you can also find them for €5 on the above site).

It is very important tohave a professional and understandable logo (which people will easily remember).


Step 5 – Make yourself known as a Streamer

When you will have 10-15 viewers, it will be time to make yourself known and for that, you will need bosser!

You'll need to show off your most obvious talents, and that's what's going to set you apart from other streamers. Here are just a few of the points you'll need to emphasize (there are plenty more, for example):

  • You are the best in your game (category), no one can beat you and you have an Insane level that people will come to you to marvel at your style of play and your level.
  • You watch the chat regardless of the situation (game or need to be focused) and you answer every question.
  • You have something to bring to your viewers (you can help them with what they are looking for) (Example: Help on a game)
  • You animate your stream like a god and you know bouncing on every little thing that happens in your chat.

The goal is that everyone who comes to your stream will want to stay and watch. or to speak with you on the stream. If a viewer arrives and leaves directly, it's not good. After all, you shouldn't force every viewer to speak, because some leave the stream in the background and won't speak, while others prefer to be there "in secret" and if you call out to them, they can leave!

Illustration of an equipped streamer ready to launch its stream
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Bonus: How can you earn money on your streams via Twitch?

So a lot of people (86 to be precise) contacted me to find out how to make money through twitch.

To earn money via Twitch, there are donations, them bits and the subsbut we won't talk too much about it! We mainly talk about all the money you'll make at no cost to your audience!


My opinion on Streamly!

My opinion is that Streamly is great, simple to set up, not boring for the viewers nor for the streamer and fairly high earnings ! (1.2 cents per view).

If you have less than 40 viewers, you get ads all day long! So between 1 and 40 cents per hour per ad, currently if someone has 30 viewers on averagehe wins 90 cents per hour ! That's always a plus.

For those who want test Streamlymy referral link to register is Streamly godfather Alucare

FYI, if I'm your godfather, do not hesitate to contact me for help 😉

OPs for downloading games!

You can have OP to download games, but it will be necessary to have contacts or via Streamlabs.

POs are a great way to make money without making your viewers spend any money, just a little time. Just don't make 50 different OPs in a month!

If you'd like to get some OPs to download, don't hesitate to contact me on Discord or from the form at the bottom of the page so that I can give you some contacts!

Free subscriptions via Amazon Prime

Don't forget to tell your community that they may have a free sub on Twitch if they have Amazon prime and give it to you every month. Why would they do that? Well, because it supports you for free, it gives them emotes and everyone's happy! Especially for students who can have it free for 1 year.

Automatic message you can put on your stream (redirect to how to get free premium on amazon):

  • Support the channel for free with Amazon Prime, to get Amazon prime:

Then explain to them how to get sub if they don't know.

Other means of monetization?

If you think of other things or that we offer you other means, do not hesitate to tell me about it. For example there is a way by having "infinite" bits but it is totally forbidden so beware of scams!

The next steps !

Because, yes, there's more to it than just these 5 steps ! These are just a few general ideas to help you get started on Stream!
Then I'll advise you exactly what to do!
Read the next steps then contact me if you have any questions!
The next things I'll be talking about are:
Dual stream PC (to have a game Pc and a stream Pc that will just encode the stream) ;
- Everything that is social networks ;
- How to find us create a discord server (I can make you a discord server, just ask me in the contact form)
- How to find us make a living out of it? (I've got plenty of techniques to help you earn tens or even hundreds of euros a month without costing your viewers any money!)
- The Giveaways for your streams
- L'buy follows on Twitch/Youtube (something which is forbidden and which I don't recommend! But we'll have to talk about it before you do anything stupid).
- The jealousy is a bad habit (Don't be jealous of other people's success!)
Declare money earned Where starting your own business (tips and what I've done myself, as declaring is compulsory)
- The bots on Twitch (Wizebot, Moobot, etc.).
Having and choosing moderators
- Making Events
- The Twitch rules and thethings not to do
All errors I made during 7 years of stream!
- The stream schools ?
Then finally, set up personalized coachingI want to help more than a hundred streamers. See what each one needs, if there are similar requirements. You learn by doing! So I want to help as many people as possible, so I can help others!

Contact form

It's time to contact me and get personalized help!


    If you have any questions, the comment area is there for you, so don't hesitate to ask questions, give your opinion or anything else!

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