CITY OF ORANGE / Arc Orange – Chapter 3/5

Your third mission is: The Fall

'You managed to get out of the cage, but it was too late, and you get caught in the explosion that sends you across town! Here, you come face to face with the inhabitants of the island, all held captive! In the little strength you have left, you manage to free the villagers from their chains before falling from exhaustion. They collect food to get you back on your feet! Also your weapon suffered from the direct attack, it would be better to use the rubble to make it stronger!'


 Goals :

  • To harvest 6,000  berries: 0/6,000
  • To harvest 6 cola: 0/6
  • Upgrade your weapon to level 2 :
  • To buy 10 Meat in the tavern: 0/10
  • win 67 enemies (4 waves): 0/4
  •  [MINIBOSS] Defeat Morge & Richie


For berries and colas all the usual commands, normally you should know them.

To upgrade your weapon do: ^^train w. Shortened by ^^train weapon.

To buy meat you must do: ^^tavern then select the emoji' :meat_on_bone:' (little advice do it from the start when you need PV)

For opponents: ^^btl (Where ^^btl a) (pay attention to your HP) remember to do ^^tavern if you want to pay PV. and take the meat!!!

The Miniboss is simple to beat, if not think of the ^^train stats to check if you have points to give.


As soon as you have completed everything you can move on to the next chapter by doing: ^^chap next.


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2 commentaires on "VILLE D'ORANGE / Arc Orange - Chapter 3/5 "

  1. Hi, thank you for this info, but what do I do when when I type "^^train w" it tells me that my weapon proficiency isn't at its maximum?
    Even though I chain fights, nothing changes, I don't understand how to increase this "mastery" to improve my weapon to level 2...
    Thank you in advance, good game to all 😀


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