CITY OF ORANGE / Arc Orange – Chapter 2/5

Your second mission is: Capture

'The young woman is very grateful that you saved her. You ask him to explain to you what is happening on this island. She then offers to take you directly to the manager. But when your back was turned, she ties you up and hands you over to the pirate named Baggy! She explains to him that you put down his men. To thank her, Buggy offers her some gold.
You are trapped in a cage, in front of you a cannon ready to shoot you. You have to find a way to escape!'

 Goals :

  • To harvest 8  cola
  • To fish 1 adjustable wrench
  • win 47 enemies (4 waves)

As usual for enemies do: ^^btl (Where ^^btl a) (pay attention to your HP) remember to do ^^tavern if you want to pay PV.


For the wrench, do ^^fish until you get it back (it's quite fast, it's the 3rd most important loot, for my part I got this:

| ALUCARE, Here are your fishing stats:

  •  Fish : 302
  •  Shrimp : 210
  •  Adjustable wrench: 184
  •  Boot with holes: 87
  •  Squid: 63
  • Cola: 54
  •  Valuable object : 49
  •  Treasure : 6
  • Total : 955

For colas the basic commands:

  • ^^boat
  • ^^fish
  • ^^btl

If you do not know how to use them refer to the previous tutorial.


As soon as you have completed everything you can move on to the next chapter by doing: ^^chap next.


Tutorial of the next chapter:

Tutorial from the previous chapter:

Back to the list of tutorials:

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