CITY OF ORANGE / Arc Orange – Chapter 1/5

Your first mission is as follows: Rescue


'You dock in the quiet little town of Orange. To tell you the truth, this city even seems too quiet to you. Indeed, the streets are deserted, the houses in ruins, and there is no trace of any inhabitants. At the bend of an alley, a young woman is surrounded by several individuals who want her life! '


'The young girl faces several armed men alone. Seeing you she begs you to save her in exchange for whatever you please. These men don't seem to mean well, so you decide to give them a taste of your fist!'

Goals :

  • To harvest 5,500 berries
  • To harvest 6  cola
  • win 40 enemies (3 waves)


To defeat the enemies do ^^btl (Where ^^btl a).

For the berries you have all the commands below:

  • ^^fish (can also give a cola)
  • ^^daily (possibility to have a cola (very rare)
  • ^^btl (can also give a cola)
  • ^^boat (can give cola)
  • ^^ddm
  • by opening your lootboxes (^^lb l to know the list of your lootboxes, and ^^lb o to open them)


For Colas: you can do as above (put in brackets)


As soon as you have completed everything you can move on to the next chapter by doing: ^^chap next.


Tutorial of the next chapter:

Tutorial from the previous chapter:

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